vue de la surface de la mer depuis l'océan

Water World – Living the Ocean

Polynesians have long learned to master the oceans. Sailing, fishing, pearl farming and water sports are part of the daily life of the islands. In the Society and Tuamotu archipelagos, the lagoons are often the extension of the island, where many activities take place.

Va'a, surfing, sailing, Stand-Up Paddle, kitesurfing, foiling, water skiing, kayaking, scuba diving... the list of activities available in this huge aquatic world is endless. French Polynesia naturally brings out the passion for water in the people we call "Watermen" and "Waterwomen." These men and women are the athletes and adventurers of the seas. They live their passion to the fullest in Polynesian waters, in complete harmony with the elements.

Air Tahiti Nui's Watermen Ambassadors give you the best advice to make the most of your stay in French Polynesia by exploring the ocean.

Personne pratiquant du surf

Who are our Watermen Ambassadors?

Whether they are on a surfboard, behind a camera, or simply swimming in the lagoon, the Watermen Ambassadors all experience a deep connection with the water. These surfers, multidisciplinary athletes and photographers, love to immerse themselves in this world of their own in order to surpass themselves and experience the most wonderful sensations.

Professionals and enthusiasts from all over the world come to French Polynesia to experience the pleasures of these warm and crystal-clear waters. The Watermen who live here are delighted to share their magnificent playground, bordered by the most beautiful islands in the world!

Discover their vision of French Polynesia, their tips on how not to miss anything during your stay, and what they think are the must-see spots.

Homme dans le lagon, entouré de raies et de requins

A deep connection with the ocean

The ocean and sea fauna are an essential part of Polynesian culture, and are the source of legends, beliefs and traditions for this navigating people. The Islands of Tahiti cover an extensive maritime territory of more than 2.5 million km² for 4000 km² of land. The life of the islands is thus turned towards the ocean and the lagoons, both for leisure and for economic activities.

Surfeurs sur leurs planches de surfs

Water sports, in particular, have a great importance here. Surfing was invented in Polynesia, on the gorgeous waves of Tahiti. Teahupo'o, the venue for the 2024 Olympic Games, is famous throughout the world and is the dream of international athletes who come here regularly to compete. French Polynesia is also the country of va'a, the traditional outrigger canoe, for which many competitions, such as the Hawaiki Nui Va'a, take place every year.

There are so many other things to discover... There is no doubt that you will be surprised by the quantity of adventures and treasures that await you in the magnificent Polynesian lagoons!