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Annual Reports

Air Tahiti Nui aircraft fleet Boeing Dreamliner

Since the creation of Air Tahiti Nui in 1998, we have been working for French Polynesia and its visitors. In the continuity of this mission, we work each year to reinforce our place as a major player in the development of our country, while improving the travel experience of our customers and the quality of life at work for our employees.

Read our annual reports to discover the results of our activities, as well as our objectives and perspectives for the coming years.

The journey continues !

Annual Report (2022)

After a year of major internal reorganization in 2021, the past year has seen brighter skies ahead. Despite increased competition on our main routes and our service to Japan still awaiting reopening, our business has regained momentum.

Download the Annual Report (2022) - 5.78 MB

Annual Report (2021)

2021 was above all the year we were rescued, thanks to the support of the territory, our main shareholder, through a balancing subsidy and the implementation by local government of an exceptional employment protection scheme for reduced working hours (DiESE), in order to overcome the absence of partial unemployment benefit in Polynesia. This generous gesture from the authorities, unprecedented in the history of our company, also commits us to our actions and decisions made on a daily basis. Each and every day we will continue to demonstrate the importance of our role in the future of our country’s tourism industry.

Download the Annual Report (2021) - 20.9 MB

Annual Report (2020)

In the space of a few months, 2020 erased 21 years of uninterrupted growth in global air trafc. For Air Tahiti Nui, eight consecutive years of positive results were stopped in their tracks. In this context, the airline seek to constantly assimilate its activity with the level of demand and to adapt its offer and commercial approach to this new reality.

Download the Annual Report (2020) - 22.51 MB

Annual Report (2019)

In 2019 there was no shortage of structuring events for the years to come. Air Tahiti Nui intends to demonstrate at the end of this crisis that its choices have been relevant to ensuring its sustainability.

Download the Annual Report (2019) - 16.93 MB

Annual Report (2015)

2015 is the symbol of a renewed financial health, thus opening horizons for future development and reconquering of the market, serving the needs of the country and its tourism industry.

Download the Annual Report (2015) - 17.24 MB