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Unaccompanied children

Air Tahiti Nui warmly welcomes unaccompanied children.

For your child's safety and peace of mind, we have created the "Tiare Kids" program, our care service for children traveling alone or in a different class from their parents.

Conditions of eligibility:

  • This service is only available on flights operated by Air Tahiti Nui. It is not available on flights operated by other airlines, especially when the itinerary includes connecting flights. 
  • The "Tiare Kids" service is mandatory for children from 5 to 11 years old travelling unaccompanied.
  • It is also available on request for young people from 12 to 17 years old on all flights operated by Air Tahiti Nui.

If your child is traveling on the same flight as you but in a different cabin, he or she is considered an unaccompanied child and remains under the responsibility of the crew for the entire flight under the "Tiare Kids" program.

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Booking :

You can book your child's ticket on all destinations operated by Air Tahiti Nui. The purchase of our "Tiare kids" service is only possible in our commercial offices or through your travel agent. When booking the ticket, please inform us that your child will be traveling alone or in a different travel class than you. You will also need to fill out this "Tiare kids" form when making your booking. This form will be mandatory on the day of departure.

Before your departure, we recommend that you check with the embassy and consulate of your destination or transit country to find out what the entry and stay requirements are. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are aware of all legal provisions (laws, regulations and requirements) of your countries of departure, destination and transit.

Important : An authorization to leave the French territory is mandatory for any minor residing in France or French Polynesia, regardless of their nationality. Click here to learn more.


The "Tiare Kids" service prices:


At the departure airport:

On departure day, we recommend that you arrive at the check-in desk:

  • 3 hours before take-off time, and no later than 1 hour before.
  • Once the check-in process is complete, your child will be given a folder with all the necessary documents for his/her travel, including his/her passport
  • The check-in agent will inform you of the time and place of your child's pick-up appointment.

Your child is traveling in :

  • Poerava Business : Your child will benefit from all the advantages of Business class (dedicated check-in line and priority delivery of his/her bags), however he/she will not be able to benefit from the "Lounge Access" service. After check-in, you and your child must go to the UM (Unaccompanied Children) meeting point to be picked up by an agent. 
  • Moana Premium : Your child benefits from the priority check-in line.

To ensure your child travels safely, make sure he or she has all the necessary documents: flight ticket, passport, signed Authorization to Leave the Territory (AST) (for departures from PPT and CDG), immigration form, visa, signed Tiare Kids form, as well as a copy of the parent's or legal guardian's ID.

Please note that the adult accompanying the child on departure must remain at the airport until 30 minutes after the aircraft has taken off.

On board :

On board our aircraft, Air Tahiti Nui staff will be delighted to take care of your child, giving him or her all the attention needed to ensure their safety and comfort. To keep your child busy during the flight, he or she will be able to enjoy our selection of movies, games and music specially adapted to children.

Air Tahiti Nui Seat map Dreamliner

Special seats are reserved for unaccompanied children to ensure their safety on board. When disembarking on arrival, we will advise them to respect their seat number.

Preferential seats for unaccompanied children are as follows:

  • Poerava Business : 4D seats
  • Moana Premium : 11DE seats
  • Moana Economy : 36-37-38-39-40 DEF seats

If your child is traveling on the same flight as you but in a different cabin, he or she must remain under the responsibility of our staff until arrival. During the flight, you will be able to visit your child at his/her seat, but he/she will not be able to access your travel cabin.

Transiting through Los Angeles or Seattle on the Paris - Papeete route:

Upon arrival in Los Angeles or Seattle, our crew will accompany your child safely through transit to the departure gate of the connecting flight.

Please note: If you are traveling on the same flight but in a different cabin, your child remains under the responsibility of Air Tahiti Nui crew members for the transit duration until boarding.

At the arrival airport :

At the arrival airport, your child will be the last to disembark. Your child will be accompanied by an Air Tahiti Nui agent to the arrival hall and handed over to the person you have designated to meet him/her at the airport. An ID will be required to verify the identity of this person.

Please note if you are traveling on the same flight but in a different cabin: Upon arrival at your final destination, if you wish to disembark with your UM child, you will need to notify the crew members prior to arrival and sign the "Tiare Kids" liability waiver.

Delays and cancellations:

In the event of a flight delay or cancellation, the Air Tahiti Nui agent will take care of your child first. Your child remains under the supervision of our staff at all times and is assisted in the best conditions.