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In the Tuamotu Archipelago, Tikehau is located near Rangiroa. It is much less famous and visited than its neighbor, but it is still a beautiful piece of paradise that ensures a peaceful stay. We have compiled a selection of various travel packages to help you organize your next trip to Tikehau at the best price. Browse through our packages here.

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For a relaxing stay or a scuba diving trip, Tikehau is a real treasure. Our thematic packages will allow you to discover the islands easily and at low cost. Don't miss anything about French Polynesia: select your favorite packages and ask for a quote from the travel agencies in charge.

Our selection of Tikehau travel packages includes:

  • your round-trip tickets on international flights from Seattle or Los Angeles operated by Air Tahiti Nui,

  • and your hotel nights in Tikehau.

  • you can also choose a sailing cruise package, replacing the hotel nights in Tikehau by a stay on a sailboat. 

To learn more about our offers, please contact our partners. Your travel agency will be able to adapt your trip to Tikehau to your wishes and offer you the best excursions to enjoy the island at a low price, and without any stress!

Tikehau, a peaceful stay facing the lagoon

The pristine beauty of Tikehau is unmatched. The atoll is an elegant strip of sand and coconut trees floating peacefully on the luminous water. This coral frame surrounds a wonderful lagoon with a thousand shades of blue. This lagoon is like a huge swimming pool full of life, inhabited by hundreds of different fish species, but also by a large number of sharks, rays, dolphins and turtles that you can meet during your outings on the water, and while snorkeling or scuba diving.

As a nature lover, don't hesitate to include a stop at Tikehau in your island package. Here, the preserved wildlife is particularly abundant, diverse, and impressive. You will be amazed every time you dive in this unique world. For the most experienced divers, the giant Shark Cave of Tikehau is an incredible experience.

Travel on amazing motu

Like every atoll, Tikehau is a coral island made up of several motu (islets), on which you will find beaches, vegetation, and amazing wildlife.

The white sand beaches will offer you a dream setting for your vacation in French Polynesia. However, other beaches will attract your attention even more: the pink and white sand beaches of Tikehau. This particularity is found on one of the motu of the island, adding to the magical atmosphere of this splendid atoll.

A day on the lagoon will allow you to discover the wonders of the different motu that are part of the Tikehau atoll. Among them, the Birds Island is a must. In this sanctuary, you will discover the sea birds in their natural environment.