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Air Tahiti Nui presents its picture book in reo Tahiti

Papeete, 6th December, 2023

Since May 2023, Air Tahiti Nui has introduced a brand-new digital booklet on board its flights: a picture book designed to help our visitors acquire a few rudiments of reo Tahiti (Tahitian language), making their trip even more immersive and interactive.

Les langues font partie de notre patrimoine. Elles racontent notre Histoire, expriment notre façon de voir le monde et forgent notre identité. Il semble donc essentiel de transmettre les rudiments de notre langue aux visiteurs venus découvrir nos îles afin qu’ils puissent avoir un accès privilégié à un peuple et sa culture.

Pour leurs premiers pas sur le « parler Tahitien » Air Tahiti Nui a souhaité en 2022 créer un voyage tout en image mettant en scène quelques échanges typiques que nos visiteurs seraient susceptibles d’avoir avec leurs hôtes polynésiens. Après plusieurs mois de travail, ce cahier pratique en français et en anglais vient de nos être livré par la société Speak Tahiti – Paraparau Tahiti, et illustré par l’agence Coolie Citron.

Avec ce support, nos visiteurs pourront apprendre les bases de la langue tahitienne : alphabet, mots essentiels à leur voyage, formules de politesse… de quoi explorer avec sans doute un peu plus d’aisance et faire des rencontres encore plus belles et intimes.

Since 2019, Speak Tahiti - Paraparau Tahiti has been offering learning and sharing solutions for the Tahitian language. Convinced that languages are lived and an integral part of culture, the team continues to develop new solutions. Today, Speak Tahiti - Paraparau Tahiti also extends its services to other indigenous languages around the world to preserve linguistic diversity and cultures.

With this tool, our visitors will be able to learn the basics of the Tahitian language: alphabet, essential words for their trip, courtesies... enough to explore the islands with more ease and make even more beautiful and intimate encounters.

This useful illustrated lexicon contains over a hundred words, covering all the different steps of your trip: from packing your suitcase, to ‘Ori Tahiti (Tahitian dance) shows, and, of course, a visit to the unmissable Papeete market.

Heiura Itae-Tetaa, CEO-Founder of Speak Tahiti - Paraparau Tahiti, is delighted to see such projects come to life: "It is a source of pride to continue collaborating with our airline to promote our culture and languages. After the mini-series for learning the Tahitian language on board, here we are with a new original work. This illustrated book was created in close collaboration with the communication and marketing department of Air Tahiti Nui. It is the result of our love for our indigenous languages and for French Polynesia, which offers, beyond the magnificent landscapes of the five archipelagos, the most wonderful smiles and hospitality. We hope to have faithfully and wholeheartedly captured the essence of our "fenua" (land). Enjoy reading and learning!"  

Find the Air Tahiti Nui reo Tahiti picture book:

  • Before your flight: Download it on the Air Tahiti Nui application in the E-Kiosk section,

  • During your flight: on your individual seat screen aboard the Tahitian Dreamliner,

  • At any time: on the website.

Ready for an even more immersive experience? ’Ua reva ! (Let’s go!)