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Air Tahiti Nui and Tahiti Tourism confirm the reopening of the Tokyo-Narita route in October 2023

Papeete, May 16, 2023

Air Tahiti Nui and Tahiti Tourism confirm the reopening of the Tokyo-Narita route in October 2023. 

After several months of waiting and observation, Air Tahiti Nui is pleased to confirm the resumption of its flights between Tokyo-Narita and its base in Tahiti-Faa'a.

The airline had decided in November 2022 to postpone this reopening in anticipation of more favorable market conditions. After over two years of closed borders in response to the COVID-19 epidemic, it was indeed necessary to give the Japanese tourism industry time to reorganize and for its clientele to regain the desire to travel.

With the Japanese government confirming in April the lifting of all COVID-related health restrictions, travelers from Polynesia and Japan can now better appreciate the resumption of service.

Starting from October 30, 2023, Air Tahiti Nui's bi-weekly flight schedule remains as follows:






Aircraft Type 


Papeete – Tokyo



Monday, Thursday  



Tokyo - Papeete  



Tuesday, Friday


The resumption of flights will be accompanied by an extensive communication plan that "Japan lovers" in Polynesia can discover in the coming days.

In the Japanese market, Tahiti Tourism will significantly contribute to the recovery program by partnering with Air Tahiti Nui in communication activities. The joint plan includes the organization of several press trips in the coming weeks, as well as the deployment of image and product campaigns starting next June.

Mr. Jean-Marc Mocellin, General Manager of GIE Tahiti Tourism, emphasizes that "for our destination, the reopening of this route is essential to contribute to the diversification of our source markets, largely dominated by the USA and the mainland; Tokyo is also our only link to Asia, where many travelers, including Europeans, transit and choose to make a stop before heading to Tahiti and its islands."

The General Management of Air Tahiti Nui concludes by stating that the company and its teams will be happy to welcome its customers again on a historic route that presided over the birth of the company in November 1998 during its very first operational hours.

Air Tahiti Nui also wishes to thank all its partners, both local and Japanese, for their unwavering support during these difficult years and hopes that the restart of this route, coinciding in November 2023 with its 25th anniversary, will be an opportunity to celebrate the return of a Japanese clientele eager for exoticism and discoveries to our islands.