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The discreet Maupiti is a top choice among the Leeward Islands of the Society Archipelago. It's easily accessible by plane from Tahiti, or by boat from Bora Bora. This charming little island is often cited as one of the most beautiful in Tahiti & Her Islands. Would you like to explore it on your next trip to French Polynesia?

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Maupiti slips into some of our island travel packages to give them an extra touch of magic. Our Maupiti packages are perfect for organizing your family trips, 100% relaxing getaways, sailing holidays at the end of the world, or an absolutely exceptional honeymoon.

Here, authenticity is paramount, and the island's inhabitants always offer a warm welcome to visitors. That's why your stay in Maupiti includes accommodation in a guesthouse, bringing you closer to the people, culture and daily life on the islands.

International airfare on Air Tahiti Nui and accommodation in guesthouses are included in our Maupiti travel packages.

You can also include your Maupiti vacation in a multi-island package including, for example, Bora Bora, Huahine or Taha'a. Ask our partners for a quote today to find out more, book your stay in Maupiti and organize your trip to French Polynesia.

Maupiti, friendly and authentic

Like Huahine, Maupiti is a destination of simplicity, close to true island life. Maupiti offers you the chance to experience authentic Polynesia in complete tranquillity. The warm welcome of the island's inhabitants adds an extra touch of sweetness to your stay at the end of the world.

Small in size, but generous in every way: Maupiti is an authentic island, with lush vegetation, numerous activities and a lagoon teeming with life. There are no luxurious resorts here, but rather a system of guesthouses, allowing you to share in the friendly Polynesian way of life.


What to do in Maupiti

Like its neighbor Bora Bora, Maupiti is made up of a mountainous main island surrounded by several large motu (islets) encircling a beautiful blue lagoon.

To explore Maupiti, there are a number of activities available. Rent a bike, for example, and cycle the 11 km around the island. Or, for the more athletically inclined, organize a day's mountain hike to the island's finest 360° viewpoint, overlooking the incredible sparkling lagoon!

The lagoon also has a lot to offer. You'll find beautiful beaches, especially on the motu, from which you can explore the underwater world by snorkeling or scuba diving. Manta rays are plentiful on Maupiti! You can also walk across the lagoon on the large sandbar between Plage Tereia and motu Auira.

Maupiti is sure to make you fall in love with Tahiti Et Ses Îles, its landscapes, its people and its culture. The island boasts many marae (ancient places of worship), archaeological sites and petroglyphs. You'll be able to immerse yourself in Polynesian history and better understand the local customs and legends.