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Ravahere Silloux, Miss Tahiti 2023 and Leïana Faugerat, Chairwoman of the committee

Ravahere Silloux et Leïana Faugerat

As an ambassador of Polynesian beauty, Miss Tahiti embodies the values of our islands and represents all our people. In June 2023, Ravahere Silloux won the 62nd edition of this very popular event in French Polynesia. The digital marketing master's student saw this experience as both a challenge and a human adventure. Proud of her roots, the young woman is now using her title to spread Polynesian warmth and authenticity throughout the world.

She is accompanied today by Leïana Faugerat, head of the Miss Tahiti company since 2009. Every year, Leïana works with new candidates competing for the title of Polynesian beauty queen, and accompanies the reigning Miss Tahiti all the way to the Miss France election. For her, the Miss Tahiti adventure is a family matter, as her mother, Moea Amiot, was Miss Tahiti 1975!

For both Leïana and Ravahere, French Polynesia is a true Paradise on Earth, purely human and authentic. These two island ambassadors are proud to represent their culture and their fenua (islands) through this organization.

« Beyond its landscapes, French Polynesia is, first and foremost, a land of hospitality and love » Leïana Faugerat

« Polynesians are the true beauty of the islands ». Ravahere Silloux

Discover the true beauty of The Islands of Tahiti during a unique trip to Paradise. Ravahere Silloux and Leïana Faugerat take you on a journey to explore their own shining, cultural, and authentic Polynesia. Let's go!

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Meet the local people

For our two beauty ambassadors, the only way to truly enjoy your trip to French Polynesia is to experience the islands through the eyes of their inhabitants. As Leïana explains: "It's the inner beauty that's important, the beauty of the people."

So, to discover the true spirit of the islands, you have to meet the people. Ravahere Silloux adds: "When you arrive in French Polynesia, you're always amazed by the people and their warm welcome. This is what people remember when they come here. Authenticity really characterizes Polynesians. And that's what I'd like to highlight when I'm abroad as Miss Tahiti: this Polynesian light."

The Miss Tahiti 2023 has some very good advice: "To find the authentic side of the islands, I'd recommend staying with local people, rather than in hotels.  You need to look at guesthouses (Pensions de famille) to really feel the Polynesian warmth."

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Discover Polynesian culture

Culture is an extremely important part of life in The Islands of Tahiti. To understand the Polynesian spirit, you have to explore it. By getting closer to culture, you'll have a chance to feel that authentic soul, that undeniable strength, and that enigmatic ancestral power... the Mana, mentioned by Leïana: "You have to come here to feel the Mana. You feel it in the songs, in the dances, in the ancestral transmission inherited from our grandparents and ancestors, in the preparation of monoi, and in everything handcrafted... It's something unique, something you can only feel once you've set foot in Polynesia."

To discover Polynesian culture, Ravahere and Leïana recommend the 'Arioi Cultural Center: "The team there is really passionate about culture, and they share all their knowledge. For example, there are tapa (bark cloth) making workshops, dance classes, local instruments... It's the perfect place to get closer to Polynesian culture!"

For Leïana, you can also add a visit to the Museum of the islands of Tahiti : "There, I think you can learn a lot about our ancestors, Polynesians, and where we come from."

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Learn to sail a traditional pirogue

Here's a unique activity you won't be able to do anywhere else! For a fun and cultural outing, try the traditional pirogue sailing adventure. This ancient means of transport used by the first Polynesians to cross the Pacific Ocean is now back on Polynesian waters. Our Miss Tahiti 2023 liked this activity very much: "It's the activity we did during the Miss Tahiti adventure, with Moana Explorer. It was a real immersion in our culture. We are a seafaring people, so I think it's really interesting for visitors to learn more about what it was like before."

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Adopt a 100% Polynesian beauty routine and accessories

As you can see, Polynesian beauty is natural and simple. That's why Leïana and Ravahere share the same beauty routine, with a must-have organic product: virgin coconut oil.

"For my hair, I use a virgin coconut oil mask, which works really well on dry hair. When the oil is a little hardened by the cold, it's perfect because it's like a mask, which is easier to apply. Afterwards, just rinse well." For the skin, hydration, good moisturizing and a little sunshine complete their daily beauty ritual.

For these two vahines, adding a little Polynesian touch to your outfits is also a great way to celebrate the beauty of the islands! For Leïana, baskets or hats made from pae'ore (pandanus weaving) are an excellent accessory: "There are some very beautiful ones at the Papeete Market or in the Handicrafts Fairs". Ravahere adds: "The Papeete Market is a must for buying souvenirs! Our artisans are very talented. And I'd also suggest bringing back a Tahitian pearl to wear as a necklace, so you can always carry the emblem of Tahiti with you and remember us."

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Get married or renew your vows in French Polynesia

Are you planning a romantic getaway? This could be your chance to organize a ceremony to celebrate your love in one of the world's most romantic destinations! Leïana Faugerat herself celebrated her wedding in Bora Bora: "If you want to get married in the islands, I recommend calling the hotels, which all have wedding planners. That's what happened for me: the hotel wedding planner helped me organize everything, and the ceremony took place on the hotel's motu, which offered an authentic, traditional setting."

On islands such as Bora Bora and Moorea, luxury hotels offer wedding planning services that can also be used for a vow renewal ceremony.

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Enjoy coconut milk any time of the day!

In French Polynesia, coconut milk is used in dishes and desserts. Ravahere and Leïana recommend trying the emblematic dish of the islands, raw fish in coconut milk, and chicken fafa, to be enjoyed with local vegetables such as taro, 'uru or sweet potatoes.

Our Miss Tahiti 2023 also has an original snack idea: "I love mape (Tahitian chestnuts) from the market! Grated with coconut milk, it's really good."

To make the most of your Polynesian adventure, she also suggests a fun little challenge: "If you get the chance, try making your own coconut milk! It's really fun to do."

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Enjoy the restaurants of The Islands of Tahiti

If you want to try the other flavors of the islands, head to one of the many restaurants in French Polynesia. For example, Leïana recommends the Fish & Blue restaurant in Raiatea, "a unique and atypical place on a white sand beach. You can have a Happy Hour on the pontoon and then dine with your feet in the sand. It's really good and really beautiful", or the Vahinerii Tea House in Papeete: "It's my mother's Salon de Thé, where you'll find a big retrospective of the pictures of all the former Miss Tahiti. You can also eat good raw fish with coconut milk or sashimi there, as they have their fresh fish delivered early every morning."

Likewise, Ravahere recommends going to Vaipoopoo Park in Punaauia: "There are lots of little roulottes (food trucks) where you can eat all kinds of food or have a drink at sunset. It's very nice." You can also head to the Papeete Market to discover Café Maeva, "where you can go in the morning for a Tahitian breakfast. It's really good, and with the atmosphere of the market, it's a real immersion.”