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Alberto Vivian - fashion designer

Alberto Vivian

Born in Italy, Alberto Vivian fell in love with French Polynesia more than 30 years ago. Coming from Milan, one of the world's fashion capitals, Alberto chose Tahiti to pursue his career as a fashion designer. He now designs clothing collections inspired by French Polynesia, and is the creator and organizer of the greatest fashion event in the Islands of Tahiti: the Tahiti Fashion Week!

Although he was originally an architect, Alberto quickly began to work in the field he was passionate about: fashion. Hired as a stylist by a major Italian brand, he traveled extensively for his work. But, bored with the Maldives, which was then his favorite vacation destination, he decided to go to Moorea, in French Polynesia. This trip was a real revelation, a love at first sight that changed the course of his life.

« When I arrived in Moorea, I fell directly in love with French Polynesia. The colors, the smells, the people... at every moment of life, there is something that inspires me in this place.»

This artistic view follows Alberto Vivian in his daily life and in all his Polynesian escapades. Learn all his tips to experience French Polynesia in the very best way.

vue aérienne du lagon et des montagnes de Moorea

Discover Moorea

Moorea is Tahiti's sister island, located about 35 minutes by ferry from the Papeete Harbor. For Alberto Vivian as for many visitors to French Polynesia, Moorea is often the first island one visits during a trip. This is a dream island that will make you start your stay perfectly!

The first thing that seduced Alberto was the genuine and welcoming aspects of Moorea. "Moorea is an island that I really like for the simplicity of the people, their kindness." There, Temae beach will surely amaze you with its beauty and colors. Everything in Moorea is a source of inspiration for this passionate artist: "Here, people are smiling, in a good mood, and we live surrounded by flowers and nature. [...] French Polynesia inspires me a lot in terms of colors and materials: wood, mother-of-pearl, pearls .... I have been able to explore all subjects and materials, and the islands never fail to inspire me."

For a stay in Moorea, the designer recommends the luxurious Villa Ginette, a Polynesian guesthouse with a pool.

femme dans un hamac qui regarde le lagon de Bora Bora

Enjoy the islands' serenity

Planning a vacation schedule to follow? For Alberto, this is not the right way to discover the Islands of Tahiti: "I think that when you arrive in French Polynesia, you don't need to have a strict schedule, you have to let yourself be guided by the mood and the circumstances. It's wonderful not to have a specific schedule. Just come and discover the islands without having to organize everything, and let yourself be caught up in the fiu: let things happen and follow the rhythm!"

As a symbol of a relaxed and stress-free lifestyle, the Polynesian fiu is a state of mind that the stylist adopted in his daily life as well as in his work: "Here, we keep it simple, everything is less formal and structured. Everything is much more complicated elsewhere. So, to live the true Polynesian experience, let yourself be led by the wind and the people you meet.” Everywhere, nature has a thousand wonders to offer you, and cultural discoveries punctuate each Polynesian adventure. Open your eyes and your heart to enjoy the islands as Alberto has done for over thirty years. The adventure of a lifetime awaits you!

Pareo Moorea

Go shopping in French Polynesia

Your trip to the Islands of Tahiti is an ideal opportunity to bring back some souvenirs of the colorful landscapes of French Polynesia: "The pareo is the piece that best represents Polynesia. The best souvenirs to bring back from Polynesia are pareos, a nice Tahitian shirt, and flip-flops (made in Fenua by Tahitian Moove). There are also very nice new versions of the traditional Tahitian dresses called Purotu: these traditional dresses in modern version are very successful! There are also very nice seashell and pearl jewelry, essential in modern versions, too.

During your Polynesian shopping trips, you can discover the talent of local designers, always inspired by the materials and colors of the islands:

-          "Fauura Creations in the Papeete Market produces beautiful creations in mother-of-pearl and shell,

-          Mareva Orbeck who is in the Presqu'île de Tahiti (peninsula) and makes beautiful jewelry with shells, and lamps made of corals,

-          or Hiro Owen, who creates very nice pieces in mother-of-pearl."

Vue aérienne montagnes Tahiti

Explore Tahiti

For many people, Tahiti is just a stopover on the way to other Polynesian islands. But before leaving for Moorea, Bora Bora or Rangiroa, Alberto Vivian invites you to discover the main island of French Polynesia: "We often talk about the other islands, but we hardly ever talk about Tahiti. However, it is a magnificent island." Tahiti is the largest island, and thus offers many historical sites, hiking trails, beaches, and stores. "There is shopping and dining in town in Papeete and elsewhere around the island. It is also possible to go for walks in the valley, enjoy little known and uncrowded beaches, or see waterfalls...".

Alberto likes to admire Tahiti while walking. He enjoys strolling in various places: "I like Tiarei beach, or Teahupo'o, where I can walk for hours past the bridge. In Paea there are the Mara'a caves, which I find very pretty, and in Papeari I like the Botanical Garden. There, you feel like you're in a wild and yet well-designed jungle, it's very pretty, it's natural... a real tropical garden!"

Finally, to eat in Tahiti, the fashion designer loves Taharu'u beach, a favorite of surfers: "There, the small snack bar by the sea is typically Polynesian. It's a very good atmosphere, on the beach, with the waves in front of it... it's beautiful. I advise staying there until sunset.  The most beautiful landscapes in French Polynesia are found in places like this, by the sea.”

Alberto VIVIAN avec mannequin

Attend the Tahiti Fashion Week

Finally, how can we talk about fashion in French Polynesia without mentioning the annual meeting of fashion lovers? Tahiti Fashion Week, created and organized by Alberto Vivian, offers colorful fashion shows. This event unveils Polynesian fashion, sublimating numerous typical products and materials of the islands: black pearls and mother-of-pearl, but also natural tapa fibers, pareos, or even weavings inspired by the local crafts. The Polynesian culture and savoir-faire provide inspiration for local designers to create unique and beautiful pieces.

Tahiti Fashion Week usually takes place over three days in June. If you travel to French Polynesia during this period, you can book your seats to attend the fashion shows.