La Ronde Tahitienne

Photo of Circle Contest in Tahiti

Imagine exploring the idyllic landscapes of French Polynesia by bike! This dream has a name: The RONDE TAHITIENNE.  Attacking the wild coastline, the “Ronde Tahitienne” is absolutely unique in its exotic nature. However, it is a lot more than a simple series of breathtaking landscapes: the “Ronde” also aims to highlight the entire folklore of French Polynesia, immersing the cyclist in a world that brings an entirely new dimension to life, the “Ronde Tahitienne” also forms part of the Cycling Classics France Trophy, which combines all of France’s greatest sporting challenges in the world of long-distance gran fondo cycling.

Each year, the “Ronde” attracts nearly 500 riders from places as diverse as New Zealand, Chile, Hong Kong and Metropolitan France, pros and amateurs alike. Since its launch in 2011, the “Ronde” has significantly increased the number of riders that it attracts. Cyclists will cross mountain passes, travel along a wild and windy coastline, admire the majestic bays, the surf spots, and the val eys and waterfalls where rivers flow from their sources in the unspoiled mountains. The constantly switching coastal and tropical landscapes are a dream comes true. The end of the race is marked with a concert as the sun goes down, before concluding with the prize-giving ceremony.