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includes all taxes, fees & fuel surcharges

Escape to beautiful & romantic Tahiti from Los Angeles or San Francisco !

Starting from 540£* !

All Air Tahiti Nui airfares include one free check in bag, complimentary inflight entertainment and a choice of meals and alcoholic beverages.
*Price may change based on currency/tax fluctuation and seats at this price are not available on every flight

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Offer valid for booking until: 30 Apr 2020.
Travel period: 01 May 2020 - 30 Jun 2020.
includes all taxes, fees & fuel surcharges

Application: Applicable to all TO net fares. Valid for package construction only.
Seasonality: Refer to fare sheet. Season is based on date of origin.
Flight Application: Valid any TN flights, codeshare flights are permitted.
  TN1007-1008 must be used in conjunction with a LAXPPT flight. Cannot be used as standalone LAXCDG v.v.
Reservation & Ticketing: via the CRS for FIT – Groups via ATN (ref. Groups Procedures) – TN ticket stock 244.
  Ticket must be issued in United Kingdom
  All tickets must be issued no later than 30 days prior to departure. 
  If reservation are made within 30 days, ticketing must be done within 5 days after reservation are made.         
  Passenger records (PNR) without ticket numbers are subject to cancellation 30 days prior to flight date.
  Ticket Time Limit Code: OSI TN TOEU30DPD - please enter code exactly
  When itineraries involve other carriers, other carrier's TTL may differ from TN's.
Minimum Stay: 5 days
Maximum Stay: 30 days
Stopovers: Stopovers permitted at no extra charge in all ATN gateways, unless otherwise agreed.
Transfers: Unlimited transfers permitted
Combinations: Booking classes are combinable on half return basis from Moana Economy cabin and Moana Premium cabin or Moana Premium cabin and and Business cabin. Routings within same fare sheet are combinable on half return basis to create open jaws.
Double open jaws are NOT permitted. Combinaison between Moana Economy cabin and Business cabin is not permitted.
Construction: For RTW journeys: create OW at 70% of RT fares ; modify fare basis by inserting a "1" before the 2 country code letters ; manually build and price.
Sales Restrictions: Valid for sales and ticketing on/after 31JAN20 and on/before 30APR20. Valid on TN ticket stock only.
Penalties: Changes: Anytime, changes permitted at GBP130 for reissue/revalidation.
    If booking is not in the same season, pax pays booking change fee PLUS difference between seasons.
    If booking is not in the same class of reservation, pax pays booking change fee PLUS difference between classes.
    If voluntary upgrade from Y to W/J cabin and W to J cabin, change is FOC, pax pays difference between classes.
  Cancellations: Before departure: charge GBP170 for cancel/refund. After departure, ticket and fuel surcharge are non refundable.
  Noshow: Anytime, ticket and fuel surcharge are non refundable in case of no-show
HIP/mileage exceptions: N/A
Endorsement: NON END/CHG 130GBP/REF BDEP 170GBP
Discounts: CNN: charge 75% of ADT fare - INF: charge 10% of ADT fare (without a seat) - INS: charge 75% of ADT fare (with a seat) . 
  When infant is turning 2 years old during the journey, the INS fare applies for the round trip + any fee applicable.      
  UM not permitted at these rates. No other discounts              
  SRC (60 y.o and older): charge 90% of ADT fare. Valid in Low season only on LONPPT via LAX route.
Accompanied travel: PNR must be booked with 2 passengers
Tour Code Box: UK20MS01 must be shown on the ticket
Taxes/Surcharges: All applicable government and carrier taxes must be collected and shown on the ticket and remitted on the sales return. Fuel/surcharges may apply.
In case of cancellation, the surcharge YQ/YR is refundable if the fare used is refundable.
Payment: Via BSP or TN or it's local representative. PTA not permitted. Cash, Check, Credit Card (except Diners Club)
Baggage: Moana Economy: 1 PC of 23Kgs ; Moana Premium: 2PCs of 23Kgs each
Other: ADMs will be raised for tickets issued not following the above conditions.
  These rates and ticketing procedures are subject to change with 90 days notice.
  Any sector fare has to be used in conjunction with an European sector.
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