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機票更改 / 取消政策說明



因應各國政府於疫情期間之相關旅遊限制,所有透過大溪地航空開立之機票 (244-TN) 皆適用以下機票規定。若為他航開立之機票,請聯繫購票單位確認。

若持有由旅遊同業或是線上旅行社開立之機票,請旅客聯繫您原購票單位辦理更改。透過大溪地航空票務櫃檯或是官方網站購買機票之旅客,請直接聯繫大溪地航空票務櫃檯或網站 辦理。


1. 適用之大溪地航空機票

2020 年 3 月 12 日至 9 月 30 日間之【大溪地帕比堤 - 東京成田】航段

2020 年 3 月 12 日至 7 月 31 日間之【大溪地帕比堤 - 奧克蘭】航段

2020 年 3 月 12 日至 7 月 15 日間之其他大溪地航空航段


所有訂位變更需在 2020 年 9 月 30 日前更改完成,並於 2021 年 12 月 31 日前完成旅程。



2. 安心訂位

為了減輕旅客在計畫旅遊時的負擔,針對 2020 年 6 月 10 日起至 2020 年 9 月 30 日間所開立的新機票,且符合以下旅遊起訖點和旅遊區間,大溪地航空提供非常彈性的購票更改空間。

- 2020 年 10 月 1 日起 (含) 之【大溪地帕比堤 - 東京成田】航段

- 2020 年 8 月 1 日起 (含) 之【大溪地帕比提 - 奧克蘭】航段

- 2020 年 7 月 1 日起 (含) 之所有其他航段


若旅客持有符合上述開票日期及旅遊區間之大溪地航空機票,則享有免罰金更改 #起訖航點 以及 2021 年 12 月 31 前之任何 #旅遊區間,更改訂位視實際訂位狀況而定。若因國境封閉或強制隔離等等因素造成之機票取消,同樣享有免罰金取消。


大溪地航空感謝您的支持與體諒! 希望我們很快能在空中相會!



To assist passengers impacted by the Government imposed travel restrictions related to COVID-19, Air Tahiti Nui will apply the following travel amendment policy for tickets issued on Air Tahiti Nui (244-TN) tickets.  For tickets issued by other airlines please contact the airline concerned.

If the original booking was created and ticketed by a Travel Agent or Online Travel Agent please contact the original ticketing agent to assist with the booking amendment.  For bookings made direct with Air Tahiti Nui or on our website at please contact the airline directlys.


1.  Applicable to the following Air Tahiti Nui ticketed itineraries

PPT-NRT ticketed itineraries for travel between 12 March and 30 September 2020

PPT-AKL ticketed itineraries for travel between 12 March and 31 July 2020

All other ticketed itineraries for travel between 12 March and 15 July 2020


Change of travel date for the same itinerary is permitted at no charge, subject to availability.  No additional collection is needed for a change in season.  Where the original booking class is not available please ask your booking agent to contact the airline for instruction on booking class flexibility. 

A change of ticketed itinerary is also permitted however any fare differential must be collected. 

Rebooking and ticket reissue are required on/before 30 September 2020.  

All travel must be completed on/before 31 December 2021. 

Flight no-show is not permitted.  For ticket cancellation the original booking condition will apply.



2. Book with confidence

To help alleviate the uncertainty international travellers are experiencing, Air Tahiti Nui has introduced a ticket amendment flexibility policy for any new ticket issued between 10 June and 30 September 2020 for any travel on the dates/routes noted below.

- travel between PPT and NRT on/after 01 October 2020

- travel between PPT and AKL on/after 01 August 2020

- all other routes on/after 01 July 2020 


If a passenger wants to change a booking ticketed during the stated ticketing/travel period, they may change without penalty, subject to availability in the original booking class on the same itinerary (or change of origin/destination), to another travel date on/before 31 December 2021. The booking can also be cancelled without penalty if the cancellation is due to border closure or prohibitive quarantine measures.


Air Tahiti Nui apologises for any inconvenience caused by these modifications.