Nager avec des raies

Your bucket list for your journey in Tahiti and her islands.

"Bucket list" is the Anglo-Saxon term for the imperative things to do during our life. If you had to fulfill only 10 dreams in your life, coming to Tahiti is one of them. And if you had to accomplish 10 in Tahiti and the Polynesian islands, then allow me to recommend these experiences.

Bora Bora Hotel

Sleeping a night in a hotel above the lagoon

Did you know? While the term "bungalow" is of Anglo-Indian origin and lake cities have existed for millennia, the overwater bungalow was born in Polynesia.

Nothing beats the charm of a night above the lagoon: falling asleep to the murmur of the lapping water, waking up with a dive into the turquoise waters. Irresistible.

Survoler Bora en Hélicoptaire

Flying over Bora Bora and Tupai by helicopter

Experience a flight with Tahiti Nui helicopter. Smooth vertical takeoff. The runway gradually recedes, as the lagoon and then the ocean stretch as far as the eye can see.

The pale sands reflecting the sky give the water that unreal color. Everywhere, the beauty fills the space of the Pearl of the Pacific, in a harmony rarely observed.

Leaving the island to the north, we approach a heart laid upon the ocean: the atoll of Tupai. It is the most romantic island in Polynesia.

Greffer une huître perlière

Seeing a pearl oyster grafted in the Gambier

It's more of an initiation than a trip, to go to Mangareva in the Gambier archipelago, one of the last islands to the east before Pitcairn and Rapa Nui.

The Gambier ecosystem is a gift for the breeding of pearl oysters, whose pearls from grafting and raised here are among the most beautiful in Polynesia.

Danser avec les baleines

Dancing with the whales

French Polynesia is a sanctuary for whales. Between June and October, they gradually leave the waters of Antarctica to head north.

In the Society Islands, tourist operators organize outings to listen to their song or to get into the water nearby.

Never seek contact with the animal, do not stress it, especially since the mothers are often with their calf. Just enjoy this moment of grace.

Nager avec des raies

Diving into a wall of sharks

Some passes in the Tuamotus, including those of the famous atolls of Fakarava and Rangiroa, offer an astonishing spectacle: real walls of sharks.

Diving providers will take you to these places. Sharks will be omnipresent. It's a rare and striking moment to experience.

Mariage à Bora Bora

Saying yes in Bora Bora

Want to marry in a traditional Polynesian wedding or renew your vows in a traditional ceremony? Then Bora Bora is for you.

Under the protective height of the sacred Mount Otemanu, with your feet in the white sand and the lagoon as a witness, you can say yes in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Tatouage Polynésien

Tattooing my life on my skin

The English term tattoo, which you know and which has given "tatouage" in French, comes from the Reo Ma'ohi tātau. It is a millennial practice among Polynesians.

You will find in Tahiti and the islands the best tattoo artists. Tell them what you do and who you are so they can immortalize your life's journey.

Teahupoo et Kaulii

Surfing or admiring the most beautiful wave in the world

If you were to stay just one day in Tahiti, then let it be to go admire the most beautiful wave in the world, Teahupo'o, on the west coast of the Peninsula.

Selected to be the site of the surfing competitions of the Paris 2024 Olympics, with its rolls of hypnotic power, Teahupo'o is the holy grail for surfers around the world.

Faire du Va'a en Polynésie

Doing va'a with the world's best rowers

The va’a is the traditional Polynesian outrigger canoe. Polynesians used it for their travels in the lagoon and for fishing.

With the use of new materials, the canoes have become more efficient and va’a has become a sport in its own right. To be practiced at least once.

Plongée avec les requins des Tuamotus

Fishing the biggest fish of my life

Fishing in Polynesia has always been sustainable. It's spearfishing or trolling to try to catch different fish. Book your sea outing.

You will try to catch 'ā'ahi (tuna), ha'urā (swordfish or marlin), or toheviri (bonito) in an exceptional sporty and festive moment.

Have you found what you're looking for in these suggestions? Not yet? Then see you on the other pages of our travel guide Reva: our islands and their activities are described as you have never read them before.
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