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Better than thalassotherapy and thermal therapy, the fresh air of French Polynesia will soothe you and guide you throughout your trip. Enjoy a relaxation break in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, for a 100% natural recovery! Book your relaxation trip with ease, thanks to our special Wellness deals, that include your international flights and hotel nights in the islands.

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Pick your wellness package in French Polynesia

Treat yourself to a moment of true relaxation. French Polynesia is a land of softness and beauty. Floral scents and amazing landscapes invite every visitor to forget about the daily grind and let go.

To make your trip easier and help you relax and unwind even before you fly to Tahiti, we have created a great selection of Wellness travel packages.

Flights aboard our Tahitian Dreamliner aircraft are included in these leisure packages, covering your round trip from the US to Papeete (Tahiti). After booking your package, don't hesitate to order Air Tahiti Nui's A la Carte services for even more comfort from the start of your trip: a Lounge Pass to relax in the airport lounges, or a Priority Pass to avoid the lines.

In addition, hotel nights on each island are also included in your Polynesian relaxation package. Therefore, enjoy high quality establishments, located near gorgeous beaches where you can relax and unwind, as well as resorts that provide a variety of services such as spas, hot tubs, and massages.

Wellness vacations: recharge your batteries in French Polynesia

By the time you reach the pristine beaches of French Polynesia, stress and anxiety become a distant memory!

During your wellness and relaxation getaway, you can enjoy a well-being program, relaxing traditional massages with the famous Monoï (Tahitian coconut oil), and various spa treatments: body scrub with black sand, facial with fresh papaya pulp, a hot tub in the fresh and pleasant sea air... 

In the islands of Tahiti, nature and well-being are the watchwords. The natural beauty of the islands is reflected in the eyes and minds of the Polynesian people. This is probably the reason for the legendary hospitality that characterizes French Polynesia, leaving an undeniable impression in the memory of every visitor to our islands. Happiness and simple joys are the main ingredients of your stay.

In French Polynesia, the magnificent nature invites everyone to a joyful harmony with the elements: flowers, water, sun, vegetation, and wildlife are all part of a whole. The Mana, the spiritual force of the islands, touches and inspires all the people who explore them wholeheartedly.

So, take advantage of our offers for a relaxing stay in French Polynesia, to recharge your batteries surrounded by nature in an enchanting setting.

Experience pure Polynesian relaxation during your stay

The soft warmth of the sun on your skin, the splendid view of the paradise-like scenery, the delicious local fruits and fish, the dancing rhythm of the waves and Polynesian tunes, and the sweet scent of flowers and Monoï... here, all your senses are invited to experience something different!

Your relaxing trip to the islands of Tahiti is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the atmosphere and culture of French Polynesia. Beyond the beaches, hotel spas and pleasant traditional massages, find more ways to relax in the islands:

  • Enjoy delicious local organic fruits and vegetables to detoxify your body along with your mind. Fruits and plants have been used by Polynesians since ancient times as traditional natural medicine.

  • Do some outdoor physical activity to move and clear your mind.

  • Marvel at the Polynesian festivities. Singing, dancing, sports competitions, and celebrations held on the islands throughout the year allow you to relax while discovering the wonders of Polynesian culture.

  • Take an evening to eat at a waterfront restaurant or go for a drink in one of the island bars for a relaxing moment after a great day at the beach.