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For the next 25 years and beyond...

ATN VOEUX 2024 - news

Air Tahiti Nui wishes you a happy new year in 2024 and all the best for the 25 years to come!

Tē fa'atae atu nei o Air Tahiti Nui i tō na ti'aturi 'ia maita'i te matahiti 2024 nō 'oe, 'e 'ia 'ī nā 25 matahiti e fā mai rā i te fa'ahiahia !

Since 1998, our company has been connecting Polynesia to the rest of the world while honoring the ancestral heritage of our islands. Through these connecting threads, Air Tahiti Nui links hearts and becomes a heritage to be protected and shared. 

Our passion, expertise, and commitment form the fundamental pillars of this heritage. From generation to generation, the transmission and sharing occur, ensuring the continuity of this adventurous spirit. 

That is why, on November 16th, we brought together several hundred young Polynesian students at a career forum to impart 25 years of passion, expertise, and experience in over 160 professions at Air Tahiti Nui. 

So, for the next 25 years and beyond... let's continue to inspire and innovate. 

Air Tahiti Nui, the journey continues... I fano na, e fano a!

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