Œuvres de l'artiste polynésien Alexander Lee

Alexander Lee - visual artist

Alexander Lee

Sculpture, painting, prints, collages... Alexander Lee has been exhibiting his works all over the world for a long time. This visual artist who loves French Polynesia grew up in Mahina, Tahiti, near the famous Pointe Vénus beach.

Passionate about drawing since childhood, Alexander Lee quickly chose his path by studying art in Paris right out of high school, then in the United States, where he studied visual arts. Today, the artist is mainly based in Tahiti and New York, and travels all over the world to carry out his artistic projects. He finds inspiration in the Polynesian islands he loves so much, and in the fascinating cultural mix that constitutes today's French Polynesia.

This great traveler, child of Mahina (Tahiti) born in California, of parents with Chinese origins (hakka) born in Tahiti, likes to express the world through the diversity of the cultures he meets every day.

« We have our own Polynesian melting pot! Being in the world through all these cultures is a strength and an asset. »

The artist, ambassador of Air Tahiti Nui for many years, is also the creator of the airline's logo: a pure and delicate Tahitian Tiare flower that accompanies travelers around the world.

Follow Alexander Lee on a unique journey to discover his own French Polynesia.

Œuvre d'art musée de Tahiti

Discover art in the Islands of Tahiti

The islands of Tahiti are rich in history and culture. To discover Polynesian art through the ages, Alexander Lee suggests you visit the Museum of the Islands of Tahiti - Te Fare IaMahana. Through its permanent exhibition room, the Polynesian cultural heritage is revealed. The art and history of each of the five archipelagos of French Polynesia are represented. It is the ideal place to better understand the whole culture, and to admire the art of the islands in many forms (sculptures, tapa, tools, everyday objects, tattoos, music, dance...).

But Polynesian culture can also be experienced outside of museums! The heritage of the ancestors is particularly perceptible in the valleys and on the archaeological sites in every corner of French Polynesia. The marae (ancient sacred places) of Raiatea, Huahine, Moorea or Tahiti are perfect examples.

Alexander Lee particularly recommends the site of Puamau, on the island of Hiva Oa, in the Marquesas Archipelago. There, you will find an amazing archaeological site, where many majestic tikis demonstrate the history of the island.

aliments fruits poisson pour du poisson cru

Taste the flavors of Tahiti

Sunday in Tahiti is the day of Ma'a Tahiti! A traditional Polynesian meal, made of local hot dishes prepared in a traditional oven and delicious raw fish. So, to live a 100% traditional experience in a festive atmosphere, Alexander advises you to book a lunch in the town of his childhood: "The association Allbus Tahiti makes a ma'a Tahiti in the traditional oven (Maa Tahiti Buffet Jamet et Tepa on Facebook) every month in the Tuauru valley, in Mahina, with a band of singers".

On other days of the week, you can enjoy an equally friendly atmosphere in one of Tahiti's "Roulottes." "We have a culture of food trucks. Here, they are called "Roulottes" Each roulotte has its own specialty (kebabs, pizza, raw fish, Chinese noodles...). For example, I like Tinihau in Pirae, or Chez Pansi in Arue. There are also very affordable roulottes in Paea and Papara. When I drive around the island, I try to stop at a different food truck every time. It's an unusual way to meet people in their communities, to promote the local economy, and to see the daily life of Tahitians. And the hand-painted signs on the side of the road are just a visual treat!"

Deux femmes en pareo qui se baignent dans une rivière de Tahiti

Hiking in the Papeno'o Valley

To discover the heart of the islands, there is nothing like a nice hike in the lush forests. In Tahiti, you will find several hiking trails accessible with or without a guide. Among the most famous and popular with locals and visitors alike, the Papeno'o Valley is particularly majestic and impressive. "The Papeno'o is one of the largest rivers in Tahiti. The valley that bears its name is deep and full of exceptional landscapes and sites, such as marae, lavatubes (rock tunnels formed by lava flows), waterfalls... "

Hiking and canyoning clubs offer regular excursions in this mystical valley.

Plage de sable noir Pointe Vénus Mahina vue aérienne

Swim at Pointe Vénus beach

French Polynesia is full of white sand beaches worthy of the most beautiful postcards. But it is another kind of magic that emerges from the incredible black sand beaches covering a large part of the Tahitian coast. The charm of the black sand beaches will surely leave you with an unforgettable memory of your stay on the island.

One of the places that best characterizes Alexander Lee's French Polynesia is the volcanic sand beach of Pointe Vénus with its lighthouse. "I grew up there and used to take baths there at night. It is magical, you can see bioluminescent phytoplankton in the water. During the day, from the Pointe, you can see the Diadem Mountain of Tahiti, and the island of Moorea in front. When I'm there, at sunset, in the middle of the Pointe, I feel like I'm in the middle of the ocean, and it's like the immensity of the universe stands out."

Vanille de Tahiti

Profiter des produits made in Fenua

Enjoy the products made in Fenua

The products made in Fenua (or "made in Polynesia") are numerous, and the artist has chosen for you a small selection of his favorites:

- Tahitian vanilla: "The prestige of this product from Fenua is well known, but I would like to salute the producers who cultivate this fine and precious delicacy. Planting, marrying the flowers, harvesting the pods, drying them and kneading them every day to give them this rich and sensual aroma that reflects the no'ano'a (perfume) of our islands".

- Handicrafts: "especially the weaving products of the Austral Islands. As an artist, I am very sensitive to the modernity and creativity that the craftsmen bring to their creations”.

- Monoï from Fatu Hiva: "Sara Vaki handcrafts a monoï that she perfumes with sandalwood and another with flowers from her island. This gives a smooth oil with a dense and rich perfume, with several aromas”.