Photo of kayakers in the lagoon of Moorea

Waterman Tahiti Tour


Waterman Tahiti Tour is a unique water sports event that includes endurance and speed races (individual or by teams) with the goal (other than athletic) to promote board sports.
The WTT groups several disciplines, such as stand up paddleboarding, open water swimming, and prone paddleboarding to highlight the skills and versatility of the athletes. It also encourages athletes who specialize in one sport to become multi-disciplinary (watermen). This also serves to prepare them for the Bora Bora Liquid Festival that takes place at the end of the year. In order to test the participants’ skillsand capacity to adapt, there will be surprise “bonus” challenges; waterman combos, rescue challenges and watermaninitiations open to the public.

Photo of a man sitting on his paddle in the lagoon of Moorea
Photo of a man who plunged into the lagoon of Moorea

A unique approach: GO DEEPER

This event is open to anyone who wants to push their limits to the extremes!
This event is respectful of the environment.
It is registered in the official magazine of French Polynesia’s big happenings.
This event merges passion and ambition: during the competition, rescue and fi rst aid challenges which can lead to certifi ed trainings will be open to athletes and the public.
A social action program called “Get Wet” gives children the chance to become acquainted with these water sports.

This concept finds its spirit within the essence of the "Waterman"

What is a Waterman? A surfer? A lifeguard? A Waterman is much more!
Above all, Watermen are passionate about the sea and the ocean.
Watermen are “heroes of the sea” with an excellent command of the environment.
They constantly push the limits and their skills and devotion instill inspiration and admiration.

From Hawaii to Tahiti - where this state of mind originated - to the beaches of California then onto New Zealand and Australia where it is the most popular, this philosophy is appealing more and more to athletes and spectators all over the world.

This year's sporting schedule / Waterman Tahiti Tour 2017

WTT 1 : March 11th/12th - TAHITI (Punnauia PK 18)
WTT 2 : April 14th/15th/16th - TAHITI (Papara, Taharu'u)
WTT 3 : May 25th/28th - HUAHINE
WTT 4 : June 10th/11th - MOOREA (Coco Beach)
WTT 5 : July 26th/30th - TAHITI (Pointe Vénus)

Photo of a man swimming in the lagoon of Moorea
Photo of Waterman with their paddles on a beach of Tahiti

New with WTT 2017: WATERMAN KID

This year, the WTT will have a WATERMAN KID category for youth under 15 years of age. The competitive events will have the same format as the adult categories but with modified challenges.Accumulated points from each stage will determine the winner of the championships.

AN EXPLORER STAGE is also planned in Huahine. Athletes find themselves in self-sufficiency and must find a way toeat and set up camp every day while continuing the course.