Ori Tahiti Nui Competitions

Photo of a tahitian dancing

Heads of renowned dance troupes, Tumata Robinson and Manouche Lehartel are planning for the sixth time the 'Ori Tahiti Nui Competitions, Tahitian dance competitions, open to all nationalities, presenting individually or as companies, and local or international Tahitian dance schools. The Ori Tahiti is to Tahitians a part of themselves, of their soul. It is an art and more. Today this art radiates throughout the world where many schools of Tahitian dance exist, bringing a form of freedom of the body. It is the opportunity for these international dancers to come and face the Polynesians...

The objective of this contest is, "to remind the world that the 'ori Tahiti is from here and that we must come to Tahiti to face the best”. Recognizing that some foreigners are as good as or even better than local dancers, Tumata says most of them compete in Los Angeles, Mexico or Japan, and that the Ori Tahiti Competitions allows them to come to Tahiti, the birthplace of this dance and "compete with the Polynesians." There is real enthusiasm around this competition, a real excitement that attracts more and more dancers from all over the world and of all ages!