Bora Bora

woman walking on overwater bungalow hotel in bora bora

The Pearl of the Pacific

The « Pearl of the Pacific » well deserves the nickname, that was given to it decades ago. Bora Bora is first and foremost a heavenly lagoon painted in nuances of turquoise, famed across the globe, embellished with many motu (îslets) that create a sublime backdrop for the island which towers over them.

Also called Mai te pora, « Creation of the Gods » in Tahitian, this member of the Society Islands, is an uplifted atoll, formed by an extinct volcano, surrounded by a lagoon and fringing reef now slightly raised out of the water.

A heavenly lagoon embellished with many motu

Lying about 255 km northwest of Tahiti, it is much smaller in scale, with a total area, including the islets, of no more than 40km²… but what a magnificent 40km², dominated by the 727m tall Mt. Otemanu, the island’s major ridgeline. The main island is made up of three bays that open onto the lagoon, an ideal spot for pleasure boating.

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A romantic destination

Protected by its chain of coral, the island is trimmed with immaculate white sand, once more accentuating the extraordinary beauty, making the island the romantic destination that lovers dream of the world over.

Overwater bungalow

The many large hotels offering the idyllic overwater bungalow welcome visitors in a setting that is as luxurious as it is enchanting.

overwater bungalow hotel in bora bora