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Earn Miles

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With Club Tiare, the more you travel, the more you are rewarded.

Cumulate miles to become Club Tiare Silver or Gold member status to get more and more advantages as bonus miles and dedicated services !

In our program, there are three types of miles helping you to accrue your miles balance quickly

Qualifying Miles

Tier Miles are collected every time you fly with Air Tahiti Nui or a codeshare flight marketed by Air Tahiti Nui (with a TN flight number) and will help you reach the threshold for the next membership level.
The number of Tiers Miles you earn when flying Air Tahiti Nui are calculated using three criterias: your route and the distance flown, the fare type, the travel class.
Most airfares allow you to earn miles except for promotional airfares or tickets issued in O/ X/ U/ I/ F /R  booking classes for which miles are not granted. As soon as you have accumulated the number of Tier Miles required, you will be automatically upgraded to the next tier level and get to immediately enjoy the new benefits for up to 12 months.
Maximize your miles, by choosing an airfare and class that will boost your Tier Miles to reach your tier level target.

Miles Bonus

Flying with Air Tahiti Nui (a flight number starting with TN) is the only way you can earn Tier Miles.
Once you reach the Silver tier level, you will begin collecting additional miles based on your tier status. They help you build up your tier level from Silver to Gold and can be used, as other miles collected on your account, for awards.
• If you are a Silver member you will earn 50% of Tier Bonus Miles in addition to the number of Tier Miles you earn on each flight.
• If you are a Gold member you will earn 75% of Tier Bonus Miles in addition to the number of Tier Miles you earn on each flight.

Miles expiration

Miles do not expire as long as there is at least one activity with Air Tahiti Nui or its airline program partners on your account, once every 24 months. If there is no activity on your account at term, it will be reset and miles will be forfeited. Your entry level Tahia membership will remain valid. Bonus miles offered by Air Tahiti Nui, extra miles purchased, miles transferred by another member do not extend the validity of your miles balance.

*In French Polynesia only: Miles granted by the Air Tahiti Nui American Express co-branded card are considered as activities extending your miles validity over 24 months.

Earning scale per booking classes

(Valid from october 29th, 2018)

Moana Economy

Moana Premium

Poerava Business











75% 50% 25% 50% 105% 115% 125% 150%

Adult or child (2 years and more) earn flight credit based on purchased airfare. Fares booked in class O X U I F R do not allow miles credit. Want to increase your miles balance? Choose the airfare that will allow you to boost your miles balance faster! Ask your sales representative for more details. Infant under 2 years old do not earn miles.

* Except for travel from Papeete to Paris and v.v, all our airfares booked in S class are entitled to 25% of miles based on the flown distance.

**  Airfares booked in S class between Papeete and Paris and v.v are entitle to 50% of miles based on the flown distance.

Earning scale per one way

From Tahiti  to or v.v

Auckland 2545
Los Angeles 4095
Narita 5862
Paris 9691
Nouméa 2880
Easter Island (Chile) 2641
Santiago (Chile) 4973

From Easter Island to or v.v

Santiago (Chile) 2332

From Auckland to or v.v

Sydney 1345
Melbourne 1648
Brisbane 1427
Nouméa 1150

From Los Angeles to or v.v







New orleans


Oklahoma city


San antonio



Tucson 429
Paris 5670
Auckland 6640
Atlanta 1943
Austin 1236
Boston 2606
Charlotte 2121
Chicago 1740
Dallas 1238
Denver 848
Fresno 209
Houston 1383
Las Vegas 241
Miami 2339
Monterey CA 267
New York 2461
Orlando 2210
Philadelphia 2397
Phoenix 370
Portland 835
Reno 392
Salt Lake City 590
Saint Louis Missouri 1589
San Diego 98
San Francisco 339
San Jose 307
Seattle 956
Toronto 2160
Tucson 451
Vancouver 1081
Washington DC 2295

From Tokyo to or v.v

Seoul 758
Hongkong 1823
Osaka 280
Nagoya 193
Fukuoka 567
Sapporo 510

TGV AIR (code-share)

Earn miles per one way Classe Economique Classe Affaire

From Paris CDG to or v.v

Lyon, Lille, St Pierre des Corps, Nantes, Bordeaux, Le mans, Rennes, Metz, Reims, Champagne Ardennes, Lorraine, Strasbourg, Angers, Bruxelles 500 750
Marseille St Charles, Montpellier, Aix, Avignon, Nîmes, Toulon 800 1200

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