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Air Tahiti Nui introduces ATN CARGO

Providing cargo solutions within the Pacific Rim, North America and Europe. ATN CARGO is supported by the massive carrying capacity of the Airbus A340-300 and the Boeing Dreamliner 787-9
Our non-stop and one-stop connections provide easy options for quickly shipping packages and heavy freight between Europe, North America, Asia and the South Pacific. We accept both containerized and palletized cargo. 

Through our worldwide alliances, ATN CARGO can arrange for shipments from virtually any point in the world to Papeete, or to any point in our network.

To ship freight from USA, you'll need the services of an approved freight forwarder. Please, contact our representant for more information:

Atlantic Pacific
Tel: (800) 280 8344
Tel: (310) 337 7201
Opening times: Mon-Sun 9am to 5pm

To ship freight from CANADA
Please , contact our representant
Email :

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