On Board


Air Tahiti Nui is a full service airline. Meals are offered onboard. Depending on the flight schedule, you will be served breakfast, snack, lunch or dinner.
A large selection of beverages is also available on all our flights.

It is strictly prohibited to smoke on Air Tahiti Nui flights. This includes electronic cigarettes.

Air Tahiti Nui offers:
Movies on demand - up to 16 movies and TV content per flight.
Tahiti-focused TV channel "Tiare TV"
Popular music including Tahiti radio
A selection of games - 15 different games
Duty-free catalogue - Tahiti information guide - In flight menus

Special conditions apply to the use of electronic devices on board. These conditions vary based on the type of device and the flight phase.
Electronic devices (mobile phones, tablets, etc.) may be used in the cabin during all phases of flight, as long as these devices are in airplane mode. You must keep these devices in hand or stow them during taxi, takeoff and landing. Laptops and similar large devices must be turned off and stowed during taxi, takeoff and landing.
Electronic devices that do not feature an airplane mode must be turned off during all phases of flight, as they may cause interference.
Other electronic devices (portable music players, handheld gaming consoles, etc.) may also be used in flight, as long as they do not transmit data (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.).

Air Tahiti Nui offers a selection of 19 special meals
Special meals must be requested 48 hours before departure.
Air Tahiti Nui does not serve allergen meals.
If you have any food allergies (peanuts, treenuts, etc.), you are welcome to bring your own meal onboard. In this case, you will need to carry a medical certificate with you at all times. For your information, Air Tahiti Nui will not be able to refrigerate or heat meals that you bring because of limited aircraft facilities and sanitary reasons.