air tahiti nui business class seats and screens

In Flight Touch screens

High definition touch screens

Settle in on board the Tahitian Dreamliner and enjoy the latest Panasonic 3X3 entertainment system. The individual high-definition touch screens in front of each seat will give you access to a wide selection of on-demand content.

For your greater enjoyment, our screens are wide and very simple to use. Passengers in Poerava Business class face a 40 cm diagonal touch screen with remote control in their seat.

air tahiti nui poerava business seats
premium moana enonomy seats

Passengers in  Moana Premium class will enjoy the definition of a screen of 33 cm screen, while those in Moana Economy class will discover a 30 cm diagonal screen, the largest ever provided for this fare type.

With your individual screen, find flight information in real time, discover our offer of movies, TV series, and documentaries, play one of our many video games or listen to music. Most of our content is available in French, English, and Japanese.

New and unique content

Will you opt for the latest releases or for classic films? Our selection of movies and TV series is refreshed regularly to make each of your trips on board Air Tahiti Nui a unique experience.

You can also discover Tiare TV, our channel dedicated to Tahiti and its islands. Immerse yourself in the dazzling blue colors of one of our many documentaries for a glimpse of what awaits you in Polynesia. Discover the secrets of our islands, their history and the Polynesian culture.

air tahiti nui in flight wifi

Wi-Fi access on board

If you want to stay connected, enjoy on-board high-speed Internet. During the flight, we offer Wi-Fi access to the Internet by satellite. The Panasonic eXConnect Wi-Fi system is accessible to all passengers through their personal portable devices: smartphone, tablet, or computer.