Vaccination guide

Vaccination allows you to avoid certain serious illnesses which plague abroad and to protect the local and French populations from epidemic risks. Before your departure, you must inform yourself and check the vaccines useful for your trip. The actual risks involved vary depending on your state of health, the health conditions of the country visited and the duration of your stay.

Ask your doctor for advice to make sure that the advice given is appropriate for your particular situation. There is no calendar for the administration of vaccines common to all travelers. Each calendar must be personalized and depends on the traveler (age, state of health, vaccination history, frequency and nature of the trips ...).
Inform yourself early enough before your departure (between 1 and 2 months before in case of vaccination).

Consult our vaccination guide to find out the main diseases, their risk areas and the vaccines required for your destination.  For vaccination information specific to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) please refer to the advice specific to this virus.