air tahiti nui web checkin

Web check-in

Air Tahiti Nui now has a Web check-in service available to all passengers flying with the airline.

You can check-in online from 24 to 5 hours before your flight's departure.

Save time choosing your seat in advance and get your check-in confirmation to present at the check-in desk and at the airport checkpoints.

Web check-in has been reactivated since the 20th June 2022 (Tahiti local time) for all flights operated by Air Tahiti Nui (excepting those departing from Narita).

air tahiti nui mobile app

You can check-in from 24 hours until 5 hours before departure.


Per fare il check-in indica il tuo COGNOME e il CODICE PRENOTAZIONE o il BIGLIETTO ELETTRONICO :

Questo campo è obbligatorio
Please enter 6 characters Please enter 6 characters
Il CODICE PRENOTAZIONE è un codice alfanumerico composto da 6 caratteri che trovi nell’e-mail di conferma di prenotazione o sulla carta d’imbarco O
Please enter 13 characters Please enter 13 characters
The Electronic Ticket number is a thirteen-digit code that you can find in the booking confirmation e-mail or printed on the paper ticket.
You can't fill both fields Booking Reference and Electronic ticket Number

How do you get your boarding pass?

Once you have finished you web check-in, you can get your boarding pass in two ways:

  • You can receive it by e-mail, print it and present it at the check in counter
  • Or you can pick it up at the airport