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Ia orana (Greetings) Travel Industry Partner


‘It’s a Brand Nui Day’ with Air Tahiti Nui’s new B787-9 Tahitian Dreamliner, offering more flights, more convenience and the world’s most immersive travel experience between North America and Tahiti.
Our purpose is to provide your clients with exceptional and heartfelt experiences, sharing our generosity and the pure, vivid, remarkable and sensorial personality of Tahiti and its people. You can feel it, you can sense it and you can see it on our aircraft – the spirit of Mana. Our daily, all-inclusive non-stops to Tahiti feature award-winning service and amenities we know you and your clients will enjoy.


*Note: Information in this section of this website is for North American Travel Agents only. Travel Agents in other countries can contact us to find the closest representative.


Covid-19 Ticketing and Travel Update – Air Tahiti Nui | Effective from February 23, 2020 - CLICK HERE

In response to Covid-19 and the State of California's "Stay-at-Home" order, to protect the health and safety of all, Air Tahiti Nui staff will be working from home--effective 04/08/2020. We are glad to still be available in assisting our partners (with the modified hours below).


For simple rebookings, new bookings, and ticketing information, please contact our Reservations Department at:

877-824-4846 or | Hours of operation: PDT, Monday-Friday 7:00 AM - 5:30 PM


For other questions or contract related inquiries, please contact our Inside Sales Team.


Phone Number


General Inside Sales

310-662-1860 x0

Fonda Wolf

310-662-1860 x224



Bakole Luntumbue

310-662-1860 x238



Vincent Risbet

310-662-1860 x236




Hours of operaton: PST, Monday-Thursday 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM ; Friday 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM


Meet the Air Tahiti Nui Sales Representatives

Debbi Boyle - Area Sales Manager

Area Sales Manager - Western Region

Debbi Boyle

Debbi Boyle joined Air Tahiti Nui, as an Area Sales Manager for the Western Region, in January 2007. Her territory includes a major portion of California, Hawaii, Oregon, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, Nebraska, Louisiana and Mississippi.
She has experience not only in Passenger Sales but also airport operations and Cargo, having worked with several international carriers over a span of 30 years.

Phone: 424-331-7123

For immediate assistance from our Insides Sales Team, please contact Bakole Luntumbue at 424-331-7138 or

Director of Sales, Eastern US and Canada

Nancy O’Connell

Nancy joined the Air Tahiti Nui team in 2003. Initially as a Regional Sales Manager and then promoted to Director of Sales, Eastern US and Canada. Having started her career as a writer and editor for several magazine titles, she changed gears to focus on travel & tourism by accepting a post with a resort…on the Tahitian island of Moorea! Nancy went on to work with this international hotelier as their National Account Manager responsible for Sales & Marketing in the USA for more than 10 years. This was followed by the role of Marketing Manager for a variety of destinations with a global tour operator. She was very happy to reconnect with her Tahitian roots by becoming a member of the team at Air Tahiti Nui. Nancy is based in the NYC area, but can be found scuba diving, waterskiing, snorkeling, windsurfing and enjoying the “mana” whenever possible in The Islands of Tahiti.

Phone: 424-331-7147

For immediate assistance from our Insides Sales Team, please contact Vincent Risbet at 424-331-7136 or

Nancy O'Connell - Director of Sales

Jennifer Clark - Area Sales Manager

Area Sales Manager - Western Region/Canada

Jennifer Clark

Jennifer is from the U.K. and spent many formative years in Geneva, Switzerland. She came to the U.S. working with the New Zealand Consulate in Los Angeles and then as South West U.S. Sales Manager for the Canadian Tourism Commission. She joined Air Tahiti Nui late 2002. Speaking fluent French, her immediate role was to assist in developing business for the launch of the airline’s Paris route in conjunction with the French Consulate and various other French connections in Los Angeles and the West Coast. Jennifer became Sales Manager covering the Los Angeles area and then adding several other States in the West Coast region. She is also responsible for working with British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec in Canada. She has had many wonderful occasions to visit Tahiti and Her Islands, either on Tahiti Travel Exchanges, Familiarization Tours, Business Forums and other special events. In her own time she enjoys Tennis, Golf, Skiing and sports generally.

Phone: 424-331-7132

For immediate assistance from our Insides Sales Team, please contact Bakole Luntumbue at 424-331-7138 or

Meetings and Incentives

Matania Crocker

Matania Crocker is a native Tahitian who joined Air Tahiti Nui in 2007 as a Reservation Agent at our headquarters in Tahiti and eventually relocated in 2012 to the North American office in Los Angeles, CA . She has 15 years of extensive experience in the travel industry. She worked as a travel agent specializing in all-inclusive cruises and honeymoon destinations with the main focus on Tahiti. In 2014, Matania became the Reservation and Ticketing Manager, primarily handling the daily operations of the Reservations and Group departments. She was previously the Amadeus Trainer for the region and additionally manages the Incentive Sales Group since the beginning of 2019.

Phone: 424-331-7101

Matania Crocker - Meetings and Incentives

Commission Structure


Air Tahiti Nui is proud to offer 3% commission on all of our published airfares with no cap. Our travel agent partners contribute greatly to our success as well as that of the Island of Tahiti and we’re pleased to support their hard work with commissionable fares. We sincerely appreciate the valuable time and effort that travel professionals put into developing sales and we thank you for your business.

3% Commission permitted as follows:  

  • Ticket must be valid on 244 ticket stock and issued in TC1 (US, CA, MX).
  • Airfare must be TN only or TN through fare including other airline (no fare break).
  • TN airfare with other airline(s) and fare prices per sector - prorate 3% for TN fare  fare(s) only.
  • Travel originating outside North America, but ticketed in North America, i.e,  AKL-PPT,  PPT-LAX, or CDG-LAX.


Should you need further clarification on commissions, please contact our Inside Sales department at Phone 310-662-1860 MON-FRI 6AM-5:30PM (PST).

Reduced Rate Procedures


We appreciate your interest in Air Tahiti Nui and look forward to you experiencing our award-winning service. The following is all of the necessary information for an agent discount. Please read all of the information very carefully. All Agent Discounts are authorized by our Sales Office; please do not contact our Reservations Office during this process.


  • Air Tahiti Nui offers Agent Discount fares from Los Angeles to Tahiti, Paris and Auckland.
  • Aero Flight application valid only on Air Tahiti Nui aircraft.Codeshare flights not permitted.
  • North America based IATA and CLIA accredited agents.
    • Revenue production may be asked.
  • A current and signed IATAN List with agent name on list or current CLIA Certificate.
    • We do not accept IATA card alone as proof of agency.
  • Agent Discount fare allows one (1) companion of your choice at the same agent fare.
  • Both agent and companion are required to travel on same itinerary, flights and cabin.
  • Blackout Dates: July-August and December 14 - January14.
  • Blackout dates may be considered for AD fares, but subject to flight load.

Application for Agency Reduced Rates:

  • Air Tahiti Nui offers three types of Agent Discount fares based on departures:
  1. AD75 for travel within 45 days of departure. Download
  2. AD50 for travel within 46-90 days of departure. Download
  3. A 10% reduction from published fares allowed 91 days or more from departure. Download
  • Agency fares from LAX to Tahiti, Auckland or Paris. View
  • Application form with IATN List/CLIA Certificate is emailed to
  • All Agent Discount fares are subject to availability.If we foresee flight loads are high, we will review alternate dates and contact the agent.
  • Agent discount request may take 7 days or more for confirmation.
  • When an AD booking has been confirmed, a confirmation letter is sent via email.
  • Air Tahiti Nui does not ask for payment until all TN flight(s) are confirmed.
  • Child/Infant discounts are not applicable to agency reduced fares.
  • Seat assignments for reduced agent fares are assigned at airport check-in only.
  • Change and Cancel fees for AD75/AD50 fares:
  • $50.00 change fee per person.
  • $250.00 cancel fee per person.


Agent Discount tickets may not be downgraded/refunded to a lower agent rate if flight loads should open.

  • Please note if in the event TN flights exceeds commercial demand, AIR TAHITI NUI reserves the right to offload/rebook AD75/50 ticket holders to an alternate flights. Compensation is not provided.

la maitai to oe tereraa (Have a great trip) e manava to matau manureva (and welcome on board).


[Revised June 2016]

Travel Guidelines & Dress Code


Thank you for your interest in Air Tahiti Nui. Following are a few tips to make your travel experience more enjoyable:


Dress code for traveling with us is “Country Club Casual.”


Collared shirt, pants and dress shoes (Aloha shirts and Docker-type pants are fine) no torn or cutoff jeans, t-shirts, or flip flops.


Suitable attire (casual suits and sundresses are fine), no torn or cutoff jeans , tank tops, halter tops, bare midriff or flip flops.


Suitable attire for travel.


Seat assignments will be available at check in. Please do not pre-reserve your seats.


Please do not discuss your travel privileges with revenue passengers. Please make sure that you check-in on time, at least 2 ½ hours prior to scheduled departure. Since we offer travel agent discounts for Club Poerava/Business Class, we are unable to offer courtesy upgrades to travel agents on reduced rate Moana/Economy Class tickets. Please be respectful of requests that may be made of you by our Ground Staff or Inflight Crew.

For information regarding specific airports and lounges click here: Airports and Lounges
We sincerely hope that you enjoy your flights, our Polynesian hospitality and our beautiful destinations.

Mauru’uru roa (Thank you) and Bon Voyage.





Our most popular and requested flyers, brochures and logos are now available for download for travel professionals. You can now email our promotional flyers and brochures directly to your clients. Please do not hesitate to reach out to your sales representative if you need anything additional.

Air Tahiti Nui - The Best Way to Fly to Tahiti

Air Tahiti Nui - The Best Way to Fly to Tahiti

Air Tahiti Nui - Dreamliner Fact Flyer PDF Preview

Air Tahiti Nui - Dreamliner Fact Flyer

Three Country Explorer Pass - US - PDF Preview

Air Tahiti Nui - Three Country Explorer Pass - US

Air Tahiti Nui - Three Country Explorer Pass - CANADA - PDF Preview

Air Tahiti Nui - Three Country Explorer Pass - CANADA

Air Tahiti Brand Mark - Deep Blue

Air Tahiti Nui - Brandmark - Deep Blue

Air Tahiti Nui Brandmark - Mid Blue

Air Tahiti Nui - Brandmark - Mid Blue

Air Tahiti Nui Brandmark - Light Blue

Air Tahiti Nui - Brandmark - Light Blue

Air Tahiti Nui - Time Table Winter 2019-2020

Air Tahiti Nui - Winter 2019-2020 Time Table

Air Tahiti Nui - Come Join Us Brochure - 2019-2020

Air Tahiti Nui - Come Join Us Brochure

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the average cost of reduced rate tickets for Travel Agents on TN for Business, Premium and Economy?

Air Tahiti Nui is pleased to offer travel agents AD75 and AD50 discounts to Tahiti, Paris or Auckland. Below is a table of approximate fares per destination, cabin and season. These prices include taxes, but due to constant fluctuation in government taxes, prices shown are only estimated and will vary.

For AD50 discounts – Booking can be made 46-90 days from departure.
For AD75 discounts – Bookings can be made starting at 45 days from departure.

AD fares are subject to availability and may take 7 days or more for confirmation. If flights are too full, we will recommend alternate travel dates.

AD75 $690 $904 $1632
AD50 $1160 $1588 $2712
  TAHITI LAX-PPT-LAX - High Season
AD75 $740 $903 $1632
AD50 $1260 $1587 $2981
  PARIS LAX-CDG-LAX - Low Season
AD75 $627 $800 $1753
AD50 $974 $1322 $4000
  PARIS LAX-CDG-LAX - High Season
AD75 $831 $1079 $1752
AD50 $1383 $1881 $4000
AD75 $891 $1323 $1957
AD50 $1468 $2330 $3484
AD75 $945 $1323 $1957
AD50 $1574 $2330 $3484

Why can't I get a seat assignment?

Once you have a ticketed reservation, you may get a seat assignment. Preferred seat assignments can be purchased online or via our call center while non-preferred seats are free of charge and can be assigned ahead of time or upon check-in at the airport.

Can I get a complimentary upgrade?

Due to the very high demand of our premium cabins, we unfortunately cannot offer complimentary upgrades, however, we do offer AD50 or AD75 rates in our premium cabin for purchase. Upgrades may be available for sale at the airport upon check-in.

Is Air Tahiti (VT) a separate airline?

Air Tahiti Nui (TN) and Air Tahiti (VT) are two separate airlines. Air Tahiti (VT) is the domestic, inter-island airline within the islands of French Polynesia.

Air Tahiti covers a network of 47 islands in French Polynesia, across an area the size of Europe (5,500,000 km2), with a fleet made up of ATRs, Twin Otters and Beechcrafts. The nearest, Moorea, is 15 km (9 mi) from Tahiti and the flight takes 7 minutes. The furthest, Mangareva in the Gambier Islands, lies 1,600 km (994 mi) from Tahiti and is reached by a direct flight taking 3h30. Air Tahiti also operates flights to Rarotonga, in the Cook Islands.

How do I contact Air Tahiti (VT)?

For schedules and information,

How can I get on a FAM trip on Air Tahiti Nui to The Islands of Tahiti?

U.S.A. or Canada Travel Advisors: You must be on an IATAN List or have a CLIA Certificate.

Air Tahiti Nui, Tahiti Tourism USA and Tahiti Tourisme Canada all conduct FAMs with our Tahiti-focused Tour Operators and Cruise Line partners.

Please contact your Sales Manager from any of the companies above to request that you be considered for one of our FAMs.