An unmistakable combination of old-fashioned etiquette, technological wonders and kitschy cartoons, Tokyo is a confluence of modern culture. While you're here, you'll discover the remains of old Japan situated right next to high-end shopping malls and casual noodle joints. The energy of the city is intoxicating and it all collides at the busiest intersection of the world, in Shibuya. For those not opposed to early mornings, the Tsukiji Fish Market is worth visiting. Discover what a tuna auction at dawn is all about, or wait on a first come, first serve basis for a sushi breakfast fresh from the sea.

Ready to take on an authentic sumo match? Visit the city in September, January or May for one of the 15-day long events and experience the grand tournaments -- complete with ceremonial aprons and of course, loincloths. Reflect with a stroll at the Japanese gardens of Rikugien, built in 1700 with a beautiful central pond, and experience of moment of Zen in the Institute of Nature, a peaceful nature reserve centered in the city.