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Ten things to do in Auckland

The largest city in New Zealand, Auckland is the ideal destination for those looking to vary their enjoyment by blending urban life with impressive natural scenery. Discover its culture and history, spend time in nature or go shopping. There’s always something to do or see! So, what’s there to do in Auckland? We’ve prepared some tips to help you take advantage of all the possibilities that the most dynamic city in the country has to offer. Here are ten things to do in Auckland:

Take in the view from the top of the Sky Tower

Upon arriving in Auckland, the Sky Tower will be your landmark in the city. It’s impossible to miss the highest tower in the southern hemisphere. It’s also a must-see if you’re passing through Auckland. The panoramic view from its observation deck allows you to view the entire city as well as the bay. Try the Sky Tower’s gourmet restaurant which rotates for a 360° view. Finally, thrill seekers can try their hand at the SkyWalk, which consists of walking on an external platform from the top of the tower, or the SkyJump to bungee jump from the top of the tower.

Shopping in the city centre

Auckland is the ideal place to do a bit of shopping. The city has several shopping centres and many boutiques, cafés and restaurants. Walking along the main thoroughfare, Queen Street, you’ll discover the heart of the city. It’s a great opportunity to do some sightseeing while refreshing your wardrobe and stocking up on souvenir gifts! 

Walking along Waitemata Harbour

The Port of Auckland is at the very end of Queen Street. It’s a lively area where you can stroll along the sea or stop at a restaurant or café to relax. Port Waitemata is the departure point for many of the cruises around the bay as well as occasional whale and dolphin watching. The Auckland Harbour Bridge is next to the port, and you can walk across it to see the city from a different perspective. More adventurous souls can also go bungee jumping.   


Discover the Auckland Domain

Enjoy the peace and quiet of this giant park and its winter garden. Walking among the exotic plants of the domain, you’ll encounter some amazing modern sculptures. You’ll also see the very impressive Auckland Memorial War Museum, which you can visit to discover all there is to know about New Zealand and Maori culture. It’s an essential museum for better understanding this unique country.

Walk on the volcanic cones

A number of volcanoes have shaped the landscape of Auckland and its surroundings, offering us wonderful landscapes and beautiful islands. In fact, these volcanic cones, with their lush green vegetation, standing alongside an urban setting are what make the city so special. It’s the ideal place for a breathtaking view of the entire city in a natural and relaxing setting. We recommend climbing One Tree Hill, which is part of the splendid Cornwall Park, or Mount Eden, the largest volcanic crater and highest point in the city.


Enjoy some wine on Waiheke Island AKL 

New Zealand's most beautiful island is a 40 minute ferry ride from Auckland. This amazing island is truly a peaceful haven. You can take a day trip to stroll along its beaches, visit its art galleries or simply enjoy a short hike among its charming green hills. Waiheke Island is also known for its vineyards. Take advantage of your visit to try some of New Zealand's wines in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Watch the birds on Titiri Matangi or Rangitoto

The islands opposite Auckland are a treasure trove for nature lovers and those in search of a breath of fresh air. On the islands of Titiri Matangi and Rangitoto, you can go on a nature walk and do some birdwatching. Both nature reserves are accessible by boat from Auckland. With or without a guide, you can enjoy interesting hikes for a complete change of scenery.


Visit Devonport

The Devonport area is fun to explore on foot. It’s peaceful, charming and less urban than the city centre and can be reached in a few minutes via the ferry. Walking around Devonport, you can discover small boutiques, enjoy a meal in one of the seafood restaurants or have a drink in one of the friendly pubs. It's also an opportunity to stretch your legs by climbing to the top of Mount Victoria for a breathtaking view of Auckland Bay.

Discover Eden Park, the All Blacks’ stadium

New Zealand is also the land of the All Blacks, the mythical rugby team which popularised the haka, and thus a part of Polynesian culture, which is known throughout the world. Eden Park Stadium, where the New Zealand team trains and competes, is easily accessible via guided tours. And of course, for even more thrills and excitement, just like in the stadiums of Los Angeles, where you can watch the best basketball or American football teams, you can attend an All Blacks game yourself.


Spend a day at an amusement park or a zoo

If you’re on holiday with the family, you can take the opportunity to visit an amusement park or wildlife park. Rainbow's End, for example, has several attractions that are suitable for the entire family. Don't miss Kelly Tarlton's Aquarium, where you can discover the incredible world of marine animals. The Auckland Zoo is the largest in New Zealand, and where you can see native species like the infamous Kiwi!