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Special Assistance

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Air Tahiti Nui is an airline that is attentive and sensitive to the well-being of its passengers. Thus, we offer you a special assistance service according to your needs in order to accompany you serenely and comfortably throughout your trip. 

Here is some information and advice to prepare your trip:

Up to your sixth (6th) month of pregnancy, you do not need medical approval to travel on Air Tahiti Nui. However, we recommend that you seek the advice of your doctor before your trip.

From the 30th to 35th week of pregnancy, a medical certificate issued within 7 days before the travel date is mandatory.

Beyond the 35th week of pregnancy, a pregnant woman cannot be accepted on board.

Here is some information and advice to help you prepare for a comfortable journey.


In Poerava Business class:    
The width of our seats between the two armrests is 53 cm and the maximum length of our seat belts is 88 cm. This corresponds to a maximum waist circumference of approximately 141 cm. We remind you that the three-point configuration of our seat belts in Business class does not allow a belt extension.


In Moana Premium class:
The width of our seats between the two armrests is 50 cm and the maximum length of our seat belts is 111 cm. This corresponds to a maximum waist circumference of approximately 147 cm. A belt extension (61 cm long) can be provided by the cabin crew if necessary.


In Moana Economy class:
The width of our seats between the two armrests is 44 cm and the maximum length of our seat belts is 103 cm. This corresponds to a maximum waist circumference of approximately 147 cm. A belt extension (61 cm long) can be provided by the cabin crew if necessary.

If the dimensions of our seats do not allow you to travel comfortably and safely, we recommend that you reserve a second seat next to yours to ensure this.

If the flight is full and you have not reserved a second seat, you could be refused travel on security grounds if you cannot fit into one seat.
However, if there is one seat left on board on the day of your flight, Air Tahiti Nui will assign you a seat adjacent to yours free of charge.


Booking of two seats:
You can make your reservation at the Air Tahiti Nui agencies and call centres, or at your travel agency. Reserving two seats for the same person is not possible online.


Advantages of purchasing a second seat:
You enjoy standard baggage allowances on the second seat.
If you are a member of our Club Tiare loyalty program, you will be awarded extra miles on the purchase of the second seat.


Additional information:
–    The width of the aisles inside the aircraft is 52 cm in Poerava class and 41 to 47 cm in Moana class.
–    The strap length of our life jackets is 150 cm max.
–    The maximum width of the toilet door on board is 51 cm.
–    The maximum weight supported by our seats is 150 kg in all our classes and 250 kg for two seats in Moana Economy class.

Please note that for a weight of over 120 kg, the electronic functions of the seats go into safety mode. In this case, your seat back and leg rest can be adjusted manually with the help of our cabin crew.

Air Tahiti Nui will assist you throughout your trip by offering services tailored to your needs, such as support at the airport and on board our flights, free care of your medical and mobility equipment, assisted travel to the airport, and special areas and equipment on board our aircraft.

Note: If your flight is operated by one of our partner airlines, the regulations of the partner airline apply. To find out what they are, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Air Tahiti Nui may require the presence of a companion to assist you if your personal circumstances do not allow you to meet all of the following security requirements: 

•    If you are intellectually disabled and unable to understand and apply the safety instructions.

•    If you have significant hearing and visual impairments that prevent you from communicating with the crew.

•    If your disability does not allow the following actions:
-  Fastening and unfastening your seat belt
-  Using an oxygen mask
-  Eating your meals
-  Managing without assistance in the toilet
-  Communicating with the crew by any means
-  Helping with your own evacuation in the event of an emergency.


The travel companion must meet the following requirements

•   Be over the age of 18 and autonomous
•   Not taking care of a disabled or reduced-mobility passenger while also taking care of a child under the age of 5 or another disabled or reduced-mobility passenger
•   A visually impaired or hearing-impaired passenger cannot be appointed as an assisting companion.
•   The companion must be capable of evacuating the passenger with reduced mobility.
•   He or she must occupy the seat adjacent to the person with a disability.

The companion's role is:
-    to meet the physiological needs of the person with a disability
-    to ensure that all safety requirements are applied
-    to evacuate the person with a disability in the event of an emergency.



All Air Tahiti Nui aircraft carry sharps containers for safe disposal of syringes and needles.
Please speak with your cabin crew member.
Used medical equipment must not be placed into seat pockets or anywhere as this is dangerous for other people.

If your medication needs to be kept chilled, ask your pharmacist for advice. You will need to provide a suitable container with the cooling agent inside (dry ice). Our staff cannot handle medications or store them in the aircraft refrigerators.
Please note Dangerous Goods regulations state that dry ice containers cannot exceed 2kg of dry ice per passenger and must not be sealed. A small vent is required to allow the carbon dioxide to escape.

Respiratory assistive devices (e.g. portable oxygen concentrator, assisted ventilation device, etc.) are allowed in the cabin and are free of charge in addition to your baggage allowance. A medical certificate of at least 10 days old is required.

Conditions of carriage in the cabin:

In case of use during the flight, it must be possible to place your equipment under the seat in front of you or next to you in compliance with safety rules.

Not allowed in seats located at emergency exits.

Your equipment must respect the dimensions and weight of cabin baggage.

Conditions of acceptance and use during the flight:

Battery-operated equipment:

  • must be FAA approved
  • must have enough battery to cover 1.5 times the expected flight time.

We, therefore, recommend that you check the autonomy of your device and, if necessary, take additional batteries.
Please note that lithium batteries are subject to certain transport conditions available on the 'Regulated baggage' page of our "Baggage Policy".


Electrical equipment requiring a socket:

Authorized only in Poerava Business and Moana Premium class.
The seats of the Poerava Business and Moana Premium classes are fitted with electrical outlets which allow the connection of approved breathing apparatus.
If you want to connect an approved respiratory device, we recommend that you check that its consumption does not exceed the maximum power delivered by the outlet which is 1A-140Watts and 110 Volts / 60Hz.
See below the model of the electrical sockets on the seats of our Dreamliner in Poerava Business and Moana Premium class.

Only the models of portable oxygen concentrators listed below are authorized to be connected on board our devices:

  • Inogen One G3
  • Inogen G4
  • Inogen G5
  • Simply Go
  • Solo
  • Eclipse 5

For all other models, please send your request and the characteristics of your equipment to Air Tahiti Nui. A compliance review will be necessary.

Additional precaution to take: We advise you to charge the batteries of your device before the flight, and to envisage additional batteries to ensure the autonomy of charge in the event of deactivation of the sockets during the flight.

For more information, contact your Air Tahiti Nui Agency, your reservation service or your travel agent.