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Resumption of Air Tahiti Nui commercial flights

Resumption of Air Tahiti Nui commercial flights

Air Tahiti Nui is pleased to announce the official resumption of its commercial flights after the last territorial continuity flight departing from Paris-CDG, scheduled on July 2, 2020.
First and foremost, Air Tahiti Nui and its teams wish to thank the customers and partners who supported us during this difficult time and who are waiting to be able to get back to their loved ones, restart their activities and welcome travelers to our islands again.
This resumption will be gradual and will be subject to several conditions relating to health measures, to the reopening of some borders and to travel demands, which will inevitably be affected by this crisis.

Update on our flight program 

Papeete - Paris – Papeete route:

Conditions of entry to the United States being still uncertain, the flights Papeete Paris Papeete scheduled will finally be operated via Vancouver instead of Los Angeles throughout the month of July.
- Flights from Papeete are scheduled on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 23.50 p.m. local time, transit via Vancouver.
- Flights from Paris-CDG are scheduled on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 12.05 p.m. local time, transit via Vancouver.

From July 13, there will be an additional frequency on Tuesday for Papeete Paris route and on Monday for Paris Papeete route, bringing the number of frequencies to 5 flights per week.

Travelers must obtain an electronic travel authorization (AVE) to be able to transit to Vancouver (YVR). The authorization request must be made at the earliest before departure. To apply for ETA, click here.

Although an Electronic Travel Authorization (AVE) is required for transiting via Vancouver, all other sanitary rules and entry requirements imposed by the Canadian Government are not applicable for travelers in transit.

Papeete - Los Angeles – Papeete route:

From July 14, Air Tahiti Nui will operate 3 to 4 flights per week to and from Los Angeles.

Papeete - Auckland – Papeete route:

To date, the flights scheduled on July on this route are cancelled. The reopening of this route is subject to the agreement of the New Zealand government. Air Tahiti Nui invites you to regularly consult its website in order to learn about the latest news.
Papeete - Tokyo – Papeete route:

To date, the flights scheduled on July, August and September on this route are cancelled. Air Tahiti Nui and its partners are examining a possible resumption of flights after this date.
We invite you to consult our online booking engine to access detailed flight schedules and prices.

For a more focused schedule on flights to and from our US hub, Los Angeles (LAXPPT; PPTLAX; LAXCDG; CDGLAX), please visiting the following webpage:

Any foreign citizen who is not a citizen of the European Union must be prepared to present at the customs border a passport whose expiration date must be at least 3 months after the date of the planned stay.



In an abundance of caution to prevent the additional spread of Covid-19, by order of the High Commissioner of France, entry to French Polynesia (The Islands of Tahiti), for flights departing to Tahiti from February 3rd  and entrance by any other means, now excludes leisure travel, and allows entry only for health, family reunion and returning residents. All travelers entering French Polynesia must also quarantine for 14 days, in strict isolation, at their expense. If on the 12th day they test negative for Covid-19 they will be discharged on the 14th day. It is expected that these entry restrictions will remain in place for February and March.

Air Tahiti Nui flights between Los Angeles and Papeete and vice versa are planned to operate as currently scheduled through February 13th. However, flights from February 14th - March 31, 2021 between Los Angeles and Papeete and Los Angeles and Paris, are temporarily suspended due to these new Government directives and EU, US travel restrictions. Flights are planned to resume from April 1st onwards.

Authorities in Tahiti have indicated this is a short term restriction on leisure travel. Accordingly, passengers may rebook their travel without additional charge from April 1st, 2021 through to May 31, 2022. (except for any Government imposed tax increase. * )

Anyone entering French Polynesia must complete a travel entrance document confirming the reason for entry and a declaration form to comply with these rules. These signed documents must be presented at departure check-in.

These documents may be downloaded from the web site of the High Commissioner.



All travelers (except Covid-19 testing, children 10 and under exempt) will be subject to the following mandatory conditions.

  • Prior to boarding:
    • Proof of a negative Covid-19 test (RT-PCR) molecular laboratory test, carried out within three days prior to their Air Tahiti Nui international air departure (e.g. if the flight departs on a Tuesday at 10:30 PM, the passenger needs to take the test the preceding Saturday).
    • RT-PCR Covid-19 test is mandatory for all passengers 11years of age or older. The test has to be a molecular SARS-CoV-2 genome detection for Covid-19 by Reverse Transcriptase-Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) performed by a qualified professional.
    • The document with the results of this test must clearly state:
      • A negative result
      • Test type being RT-PCR
      • Date test taken
      • Name of individual/passenger
      • The medical document must be issued by a Doctor, Hospital or Medical Clinic and must be presented to airline staff upon check-in prior to boarding the flight to French Polynesia.

Please note that Antigen, Antibody, Self-Testing or Rapid Tests of any kind, including rapid RT-PCR tests such as the Abbott ID NOW are not accepted by the Health Authorities of French Polynesia and aircraft boarding will be denied.

If a passenger presents at ATN departure proof of having taken an RT-PCR laboratory test within three days, but does not have the result of that test, a rapid antigen negative test result may be accepted. The traveler must present a medical document, clearly identifying when and where the RT-PCR test was taken and a medical document showing the negative rapid antigen test, taken within 48 hours of the day of the ATN departure.

The list of tests accepted to enter French Polynesia can be found on the website of Tahiti Tourisme. Click here to consult the list of approved and non-approved tests.


Information on where to get a Covid-19 test within the Southern California area, or the rest of the US can be found on this webpage:

  • Complete the online Heath Document and obtain a receipt and authorization to travel. Present the receipt of the health registration from the platform (Electronic Travel Information System). A printout of this authorization receipt must be presented upon check-in together with the test results in order to be able to board the flight to French Polynesia and these documents will need to be presented upon arrival at Tahiti’s Faa’a international airport and carried with you while in Polynesia.
  • A traceability form distributed during the flight should be filled up and kept and carried with you while in Polynesia.
  • Required travel insurance or sign a declaration assuming all associated medical, confinement, or repatriation costs, should they fall ill during their stay.
  • During the stay:
    • For flights departing from February 3, 2021, all visitors will have to comply with a mandatory 14-day quarantine in a dedicated site at their expense. After 12 days of isolation, a test will be carried out and in the event of a negative result, discharge on the 14th day will be authorized.


Full details are posted on the Tahiti Tourisme website found here:

Customers who fail to comply with any of the above mandatory health measures will not be allowed to board.



The United States center for Disease Control (CDC), has required that effective from January 26, 2021, all incoming passengers, 2 years and older of any nationality arriving in the United States from any country, regardless of vaccination status must have a negative Covid-19 test:

Polynesian health authorities are working on setting up rapid antigenic tests before the departure of each flight to the United States. For any information on this device, Air Tahiti Nui invites you to contact the Louis Malardé Institute Only passengers scheduled for an immediate departing flight will be accepted upon presentation of a valid Air Tahiti Nui ticket.


The exact details of the CDC requirement may be found by clicking here.



The counties of San Francisco, Santa Clara, Los Angeles and the state of New York have all implemented self-quarantine for travelers who enter those areas.

Please check the Health Department website of those areas for exact details.

In Los Angeles County, anyone traveling for leisure or recreation, or to visit a family member for a nonessential reason, who enters L.A. County from anywhere outside the Southern California region, which is defined as the counties of Imperial, Inyo, Los Angeles, Mono, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Ventura must self-quarantine themselves for 10 days.

Travelers exempted from this order includes licensed healthcare professionals, those working for essential government or infrastructure reasons, people transiting through L.A. County and not staying overnight, people who are members of professional or collegiate sports teams and personnel of a film or media production operating within the county, among others.

Click here for the LA County Health Order.

Resuming our flights is essential for the Polynesian economy and for our families. Despite this, Air Tahiti Nui is aware of the importance of protecting the Polynesian islands from the COVID-19 epidemic. Your well-being and your security are therefore more than ever at the center of our priorities. We collaborate with health authorities, airports and suppliers to observe these commitments throughout your journey.

Physical distance

The sanitary measures adopted by Air Tahiti Nui and the airports actively contribute to limiting the spread of the virus. The specific measures to maintain physical distance in all waiting areas must be respected and include ground markings and signage. The contactless check-in counters are also designed to limit the risks.

Mandatory mask

Masks are compulsory for everyone at the airport. In compliance with the current USDOT ruling, applicable for flights to and from the US, the wearing of a surgical mask is required on board, for the entire duration of the flights and for all passengers above the age of 2. For all other ATN flights, the wearing of a sugical mask is required for children above the age of 11. Failure to comply with this measure on board is considered an offense and will be subject to penalty. All our crews on board and on the ground are also equipped with surgical masks.

Air Tahiti Nui flight attendant with mask
air tahiti nui onboard sanitary kit

Sanitary kit

Air Tahiti Nui provides its customers with a health kit including 2 surgical masks, a bottle of hydroalcoholic gel and disinfectant wipes.
To ensure proper hygiene in airports, hydroalcoholic gel dispensers are also available throughout your journey.

Reinforced cleaning and disinfection measures

The hygiene on board is at the center of our priorities. The procedure for cleaning and disinfecting our devices is reinforced at the start and at the finish of each route, using specific measures against the coronavirus. Thorough cleaning of our cabins and strict sanitary rules imposed on our various suppliers also allow us to limit the risks of contamination via our equipment and services on board.
During the flight, our crews are taking care of the cabins, with more frequent cleaning of all common areas using a specific disinfectant. Passengers are requested to limit their movements on board as much as possible in order to maintain physical distance and the cleanliness of the cabins.

flight crew cleaning screen with new hygiene measures
onbaord air filtration

Cabin air filtration

Our latest generation 787-9 Dreamliner aircrafts are equipped with a high-performance air filtration system, effective for removing particles, bacteria and viruses. The cabin air flow does not circulate from one row to the other, and the air is renewed every 2 to 3 minutes.
This system is equipped with filters identical to those employed in hospitals and manage to capture and block up to 99.995% of bacteria and viruses in the cabin. This air purification system guarantees a significant reduction in the risk of contamination by air on board. However, to avoid any risk, we ask our passengers to wear a mask for the entire duration of the flight.

Hygiene on board

Simplified on-board services

The on-board catering offer has been simplified in order to limit contact. The aperitif and meal services are combined. Meals are provided in a single passage in all travel classes and concentrated in a single tray service, including desserts for Business class. The choice of wines and drinks is also reduced with the same purpose: limiting interactions and serving time.
For the same purpose, the magazines on board are removed, excluding the safety sheet, modified for single use only. However, a selection of press and magazines, in-flight magazines and meal service menus can be viewed on our on-board entertainment system.
The duty-free service on board is suspended. However, this service remains available at the airport shop upon your arrival in Tahiti.