Wednesday October 2nd 2019


Dear Clients:

Due to a lightning strike at Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport, our TN07 flight from Paris to Los Angeles of October 1st has been cancelled, as well as continuing TN 07 flight from Los Angeles to Papeete, Tahiti. Please find below the rescheduled flight information.


  Flight Number Departure Date Routing Departure Time Arrival Time Arrival Date
Originally TN07 October 1st Paris - Los Angeles 12:05 14:40 October 1st
Rescheduled TN427 October 3rd Paris - Los Angeles 09:00 11:35 October 3rd
Originally TN07 October 1st Los Angeles- Papeete 16:40 21:45 October 1st
Rescheduled TN427 October 3rd Los Angeles - Papeete 13:35 18:40 October 3rd


We sincerely apologize for these delays and inconvenience which is beyond our control.  For additional information and assistance, please call our toll free reservation number at 877-824-4846

Thank you,

Air Tahiti Nui North America

Flight disruption information for October 1st & October 2nd