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The Explorers : named AppleTV App of the Year

06 January 2020

The media platform The Explorers - partner of Air Tahiti Nui for several years - has been named by Apple the best app of the year for Apple TV. Founded by Olivier Chiabodo and Jean-Pierre Morel, The Explorers is a global media, offering a "visual inventory" of the natural and cultural heritage of the Earth.

The aim of this colaborative platform is to explore the planet with pictures and 4K or 8K video. Through these beautiful images, The Explorers wishes to raise the public awareness : the beauty of our amazing planet, the riches and forces of nature, but also its weaknesses. Taking a close look at our environment allows us to learn, understand and protect it.

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The app is free and ad-free on TV, mobile, tablet and PC. Movies in 4KHDR and 8KHDR are available to The Explorers + members, providing access to more than 20 films shot during incredible expeditions around the world. The very high resolution images and the latest generation equipment allow members to enjoy amazing images.


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To develop this project on a large scale, The Explorers members are the greatest assets of the platform. According to its creators, "we are all Explorers", and that is why everyone can participate in this collective inventory by sharing their pictures, videos and drawings. This French initiative quickly took on an international dimension and the platform is now available in 17 languages and in 170 countries.

Air Tahiti Nui has been a partner of The Explorers project since the begining in 2014. This partnership enabled the app to display magnificent pictures and videos of French Polynesia, by Ben Thouard, Yann Hubert and Sylvain Girardet. The airline is committed to a CSR approach and fully supports this awareness-raising initiative to preserve biodiversity.


The natural landscapes and cultural heritage of Tahiti and its islands are real treasures that must be protected.

That is why The Explorers Foundation was created to develop programs to conserve or protect biodiversity. In Polynesia, the protection of humpback whales is the flagship action of the foundation, which also supports many causes around the world.


In 2019, Apple chose to name the application The Explorers as the best of the year on Apple TV, thereby rewarding the collaborative media for the quality of its content. The members community has grown greatly. The Explorers Academy competition was launched in November 2019 to allow contributors to join The Explorers teams on their expeditions. New bautiful images on the horizon, contributing a little more to the development and the protection of biodiversity.

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Photos : Ben Thouard - The Explorers