Air Tahiti Nui Financial Results 2016

Papeete, Tahiti – August 21st 2017 - Air Tahiti Nui presents its financial results for 2016.


Air Tahiti Nui, the leading carrier to Tahiti, announced its 2016 financial results at its Annual General Meeting on June 26th, 2017 at the Intercontinental Resort Tahiti. The company’s results are positive for the fifth consecutive year. In 2016, Air Tahiti Nui saw a 1.4% passenger growth, setting the company’s total revenue at 298 million Euros.


Air Tahiti Nui’s success is due in part to the recent restructuring of the company, as well as high demand among travelers looking to visit the destination. The overall economic environment remains favorable, which also has a positive impact on travel. While keeping the fuel bill under control, the company was able to stimulate demand by reducing ticket prices by a total amount of 4 million Euros for the year, in line with its 2015 price reduction policy. The company has also heavily invested into its corporate social responsibility, putting a special emphasis on supporting the local Tahitian community.


Today, Air Tahiti Nui is proud to announce for 2016 a net income after tax of 18.8 million Euros.


Michel Monvoisin, CEO of Air Tahiti Nui, announced that “these results are a new proof of the good health of the company and the dynamism of tourism in our islands. The local demand remains also strong showing that the economy of French Polynesia is improving. Air Tahiti Nui is now fully supporting the development of Tahiti and is providing a historical contribution to the budget of the country. This is only a fair return after the difficult years the company went through and the support provided at that time by our main shareholder, the government of French Polynesia.”


This past year, inbound tourism to Tahiti has increased by over 5%. The main contributors are the US market (+39%) and France (+20%). In 2016, Air Tahiti Nui carried a total of 480,085 passengers, representing a market share of 71%, which is just 0.2 points behind the previous year. The load factor is slightly decreasing (-0.4 points), settling at 76.4%.


These positive results allow Air Tahiti Nui to meet its fleet renewal strategic vision. In 2018 and 2019 the company will roll out two new Dreamliners 787-9. This fleet transition will be completed over these two years with the leasing of two other B-787 aircrafts.


Air Tahiti Nui and the local tourism stakeholders are now focusing on preserving this positive momentum as the destination is now facing a new challenge – a lack of rooms due to high demand. Air Tahiti Nui is working closely with the Polynesian government to attract investors to Tahiti while actively supporting the promotion strategy deployed jointly with the Tourism Board of French Polynesia.



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