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A La Carte seating

Air Tahiti Nui flight attendant smiling in the cabin of the new Dreamliner

Travel more comfortably with our "A La Carte seating" option.
This paid service allows you to reserve the seat of your choice in advance, up to 72 hours prior to departure.

A La Carte seating is only available on flights operated by Air Tahiti Nui and ticketed using an Air Tahiti Nui (TN) flight number.

Our Extra Comfort seats are located in the first row of our Moana Economy cabins or in the exit rows. They offer additional leg room. 

Our Preference seats are located on both sides of the plane in Moana Economy class. You might choose to enjoy a window seat or direct aisle access, or simply ensure that you are seated next to a friend or family member.

For security reasons, seats located in the exit rows can only be assigned to passengers who meet the following criteria:

  • Are over 15 years of age
  •  In case of emergency evacuation:
    • Are able to understand and verbally transmit crew member instructions to the other passengers,
    • In case of emergency evacuation: Have enough mobility, strength and dexterity in both arms, both hands and both legs to assist the crew      and the other passengers.


Furthermore, the following passengers are not eligible for exit row seating:

  • Passengers responsible for one or more other passengers seated in a different row,
  • Passengers travelling with an animal in the cabin,
  • Passengers with reduced mobility.


If a seat is reserved by a passenger who does not meet the safety requirements listed above, Air Tahiti Nui reserves the right to change his/her seat reservation and the service will not be refunded.


When and where should you reserve an A La Carte seat?

This service is available:
-  At an Air Tahiti Nui agency or by contacting our reservation department up to 72 hours before your flight, in which case the payment must be made within 72 hours after making the reservation,
-  On our website up to 72 hours before your flight.



The rates below are applicable on all flights operated by Air Tahiti Nui :







3 600 XPF
3 000 XPF
3 000 XPF
700 XPF
3 500 XPF

9 000 XPF
6 000 XPF
8 000 XPF
1 500 XPF
8 000 XPF

30 EUR
25 EUR
75 EUR
70 EUR


30 USD 80 USD
10 NZD
30 NZD
20 NZD
100 NZD
NRT PPT 3 500 JPY 8 000 JPY





Traveling with your family with Air Tahiti Nui is a real pleasure, we take care of your well-being and comfort.

If you wish to travel together in Moana Economy class, we recommend that you book our "Comfort" or "Preference" seats.
If you are traveling as a couple with your baby, we recommend to book seats 18AB, 18KL or 32DE for extra legroom and a free bassinet for your baby's well-being.

These seats can be booked exclusively for you up to 15 days prior to departure. Within 14 days before departure, these seats are available for sale to all passengers.

We invite you to contact us as soon as possible after booking your flight, and at least 72 hours before your departure.

Information for the comfort of our passengers with reduced mobility in accordance with the requirements of the DOT Bill of Rights


The majority of our seats have liftable or lowerable armrests except in the following configurations:
o    In Poerava Business class, the central armrests are fixed,
o    In Moana Premium class, the central armrests are fixed,
o    In Moana Economy class, the armrests are fixed to the seats:
-    18 ABC DEF JKL
-    31 ABC JKL
-    32 DEF.


You are free to choose your seat, except for the following seats for safety reasons:
-    Seats directly in front of the emergency exits (31 ABC JKL), 
-    Seats 1 AB DE KL and 5 DE, in Poerava Business
-    10 BD FK seats in Moana Premium
-    Seats 28 DF, 31ABC, 31 JKL 44 DF, 45 DF and 46 DF in Moana Economy.

All our aircraft are equipped with:
-    An on-board transfer chair allowing you to move around during the flight.
-    Accessible toilets for people with reduced mobility,
-    A dedicated space for storing a personal mobility chair at the front of the aircraft.

For your comfort, we suggest the choice of the following seats:
-    5 BK seats, in Poerava Business
-    15BK seats in Moana Premium
-    33 CJ seats in Moana Economy.