The Islands of Tahiti

aerial view of the reef and mountain of Tahiti 1598 French Polynesia With 118 individual islands, raw natural beauty and a colorful culture, French Polynesia is like nowhere else in the world, and the perfect place to get away.
view of the mont otemanu at bora bora with overwater bungalow and pontoon 1600 Bora Bora Plan your trip to Bora Bora today and immerse yourself in an authentic island paradise. You'll find natural beauty coupled with world class resorts.
view of moutains and bays from the mount belvedere at moorea 1601 Moorea Home to the world's largest coral reef ecosystems, divers and snorkelers travel to Moorea to take in the diverse aquatic life that dwells in the reefs.
view from the mountain and the lagoon  1605 Tahiti Search flights to Tahiti Today. The center of commerce and culture for French Polynesia, Tahiti combines natural beauty with world-class amenities.
view of a woman posed on a rock taking a picture of the sea at tikehau 1607 Hidden Islands Search Flights to Tahiti Today. Discover one of the many small islands of the South Pacific including the wine producing Rangiroa or the isolated Tahaa.
view of the sea and the mountain in the marquesas 1609 Marquesas Islands Search flights to Tahiti. Sought after by artistic spirits and adventurers, the Marquesas embody a sense of ancient tradition coupled with natural beauty.
women on a church benches dressed in white and wearing Polynesian hats 1613 Culture Tahitian culture is peaceful, attuned with nature, and expressive in song and art. Once you experience it, Tahiti will leave an indelible mark on your soul.
view of a french polynesia beach and overwater bungalows 1626 Accommodation Ideal for honeymooners or world-class travelers, French Polynesia is home to the famous overwater bungalows and lagoons encircled by coral reefs.
Photo of a woman and a man walking in the woods in Moorea 1628 Geography French Polynesia's geography is as diverse as it's culture, made up of 118 individual islands and landscapes spanning from coral reefs to ancient volcanoes.
view an air tahiti aircraft on the tarmac and the lagoon and mountain on background 1634 Interisland Transportation There are many options for traveling between islands, and Air Tahiti Nui has reservation specialists ready to help you make interisland travel simple.
view of coconut trees 1713 Tahiti Entry Requirements US Citizens are required to have a passport that is valid for three months beyond the date of departure from French Polynesia. More information here.