Islands of Discovery

A sailing boat with atolls of Rangiroa in the background

So many islands to discover. The choice is yours

The Islands of Discovery demonstrate how many options travelers have in French Polynesia. From atolls like Rangiroa and Tikehau, to smaller, more intimate islands like Tahaa, Huahine, and Raiatea, breathtakingly pristine and largely uninhabited destinations await.

Excursion ideas

Venture to the largest atoll, Rangiroa, for a taste of the award-winning winery, Domaine Dominique Auroy, where coral is turned into 40,000 bottles of wine annually. Take a boat ride to Huahine, surrounded by a glowing aqua lagoon, where fertile soil produces sizable crops of vanilla, taro and grapefruit.

couple doing bycycle in the hidden islands of tahiti
coconut tree of the island of huanie in the islands of tahiti

Unspoiled and authentic

Huahine is also home to traditional temple sites, or marae. These emerald encased islands in the South Pacific remain virtually unspoiled and embody an authentic Polynesian experience that's all their own.