Online check-in


Online check-in is a new service from Air Tahiti Nui that lets you check in to your flight online.

Any passenger with a confirmed booking and an e-ticket.

You will need your e-ticket, a valid passport and the address for your stay in the USA if that is your final destination.

1) Go to the homepage.
2) Click 'Check In Online'.
3) Enter your surname as it appears on your booking and either your booking reference OR your e-ticket number.
Note: Codeshare passengers must enter their names and e-ticket numbers (booking references differ between airline companies).

Online check-in opens 24 hours before a flight's departure and closes 5 hours before departure.

Airport check-in and baggage drop open 3 hours before a flight's departure and closes 1 hour before departure.

You will need to show your printed boarding pass, your passport and any travel documents (such as a visa) for verification.

It is possible to add other passengers and check in online together.

You can check in online if you are part of a group. All passengers with the same surname will be displayed. You can then check in by selecting your first name.

Passengers with connecting flights are able to check in online according to the agreements we have with our partners (Air France, Emirates, Air New Zealand, Qantas, American Airlines and Scandinavian Airlines).

On the “Required information” screen, passengers with a connecting flight can enter the following data :

  • Country : United States of America ;
  • Street : « Connex on (mention the carrier) to (destination) » (Example :  Connex on AF to  CDG) ;
  • City : « Los Angeles » ;
  • State : « California » ;
  • Postcode :  « 99999 ».

Passengers with codeshare tickets travelling on Air Tahiti Nui flights are able to check in online. To do so, simply enter your surname as it appears on your booking, along with your e-ticket number.

Air Tahiti Nui Webcheck-in is available only for flights operating by Air Tahiti Nui.
We invite passengers travelling on a codeshare flight operating by another company to check-in online through the operating carrier website.

Passengers in transit can enter the following information when they reach the 'Required Information' screen:
- Street: Transit
- City: Los Angeles
- ZIP Code: 99999
- State: California
- Country: USA

You may check in online as soon as you have a confirmed booking and an e-ticket.

It is not possible to check in baggage online. All passengers who have checked in online must go to the online check-in queue at the airport to drop off their bags and collect their final boarding passes.

Even if you do not have any baggage to check in, you still need to go to one of our check-in counters 1 hour before your flight's departure at the latest for mandatory passport data verification and to collect your final boarding pass. You can then proceed to your gate at any time up to 45 minutes before your flight's departure.

It is possible to check in an infant online.

Passengers with wheelchairs are able to check in online.
However, the following passengers are unable to check in online:
- Unaccompanied minors
- Passengers travelling with an animal
- Passengers with stretchers.

It is possible to change your seat number during online check-in hours. Simply log in again and select 'Change Check-In Details' from the journey planner menu.

In this case, you will be checked in with no allocated seat yet. A seat will be allocated to you at the airport’s check-in counters on the day of departure.

You will be able to print your boarding pass after completing online check-in. However, a final boarding pass will be given to you at the airport.

It is strongly recommended to cancel online check-in and to inform our booking service at your earliest convenience if you no longer wish to fly.
To cancel your online check-in, simply log in and select 'Cancel Check-In' from the journey planner menu.

The latest possible check-in time is set to 1 hour before departure. If you do not arrive in time to check in or board, you will need to take the next available flight. Changing your departure date is subject to the fare conditions specified on your ticket. It is therefore important to keep to the check-in hours and to inform our booking service at your earliest convenience if it is not possible for you to arrive on time for departure.

Only passengers who have a confirmed booking and an e-ticket are able to check in online.

1) See whether online check-in is open (opening times are from 24 hours before a flight's departure to 5 hours before departure).

2) Check that you have entered all of the required information (your passport expiration date and country of issue, the validity period for your ESTA visa, etc.)

3) For passengers travelling to the USA, please check the US address you have entered for your stay, or enter 'transit' if you have a connecting flight.

Passengers can choose a seat according to flight availability and seating types. If the flight is shown to be full, you cannot choose a seat but you are still able to check in. Seats will be allocated at the airport's check-in counter on the day of departure.