The Tahitian Dreamliner

Where Dreams Come True!

Ia Orana ! Welcome !



Dream with us and escape to The Islands of Tahiti. We hope that you have enjoyed our video series on The Islands of Tahiti. They take us to a different world, but thankfully one that is only eight hours from Los Angeles and which we will be able to visit again in the near future.

Next week will be the last in the video series. Be sure to tune in after Memorial Day for the finale with two emotive and heartwarming looks at life in Polynesia. But before that, let us introduce the island atoll of Tikehau, situated in the Tuamotus’s. An idyllic place to escape to ! In remembrance of things past — and more importantly — soon to come, hop on board Air Tahiti Nui, buckle your seat belt and sit back for the inflight safety video!

Let Air Tahiti Nui whisk you to The Islands of Tahiti —vivid, pure, sensorial, authentic, and natural — let your dreams come true.

Have fun as you watch these videos. If you would like to rate each video, we will draw weekly two lucky prize winners for complimentary tickets from Los Angeles to Tahiti, with their companion.*





Week 4!


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