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With an annual visitor total that equals a week in the more densely packed Hawaii, nothing is easier in Tahiti than escaping into open spaces. The Tahitian Dreamliner’s spacious architecture welcomes you on board, helping you leave behind the annoyances of getting to and through the airport. The tall, dramatically lit entryway is wide and welcoming, evoking a sense of the sky that continues throughout the airplane. The vaulted ceiling stretching upward for extra space and sidewalls that are more vertical give you more shoulder and head room.
Tahitian Dreamliner Seating Map
Poerava - Business Class Cabin Image
Our famous Poerava Business Class has been enhanced with the introduction of a 180-degree full-flat seat designed by Rockwell Collins. The Parallel Diamond, designed to optimize space, includes a wide range of storage areas. The cabin features a total of 30 seats configured in five rows on a six-abreast (2-2-2) arrangement. Installed at a 60 inches of pitch, the new business class product moves into a fully flat 78 inches bed for sleeping. Each seat is equipped with a luxurious cushion and cover comfort system for restful travel. The seats also offer an individual touch screen remote control for the inflight entertainment system, personal lighting and privacy divider. The onboard amenities include: a thick duvet, one large and comfortable pillow and a luxury kit of accessories.

Poerava - Business Class Inset Image

Moana Premium Class Cabin Image
The Tahitian Dreamliner inaugurates Air Tahiti Nui’s first premium economy product. ZODIAC Aerospace is providing our new Z535 Premium Economy class seat. The cabin offers a more comfortable flying experience with extra leg room and relaxation space. The Z535 seat features a unique recline motion that cradles the passenger while optimizing living space. The 20.4 inches wide seats are installed at a pitch of 38 inches and offer a recline of 8 inches. The Moana Premium features a total of 32 seats configured in five rows on a seven-abreast (2-3-2) arrangement. The onboard amenities include: a comfortable polar blanket, one big pillow and a complete kit of accessories.

Moana Premium Economy Class Inset Image

Moana Class Cabin Image
The two Moana Economy class cabins feature a total of 232 seats specially designed for long-haul travel by ZODIAC Aerospace. The Z300’s articulating seat pan makes it one of the best next generation long-range economy class seats available in the industry. The economy class seats are installed on a nine-abreast (3-3-3) configuration with a pitch of 31 inches offering a seat recline of 6 inches for improved comfort. The onboard amenities include: a comfortable polar blanket, one comfortable pillow and a complete kit of personal accessories.

Moana Economy Class Inset Image

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