Disruption Alerts

All flights operating as normally scheduled

Additional Security Information for Air Tahiti Nui passengers:

  • New security measures on flights to the United States 

Effective from July 08, 2014, TSA is reinforcing new security measures on flights to the United States.

We recommend you advise the distribution of this reinforcement so they can inform passengers embarking on a flight to the United States, to anticipate their presentation at the airport.

All electronic devices (telephones, tablets, laptops, e-books, game consoles, cameras, camcorders...), kept in cabin baggage, must be battery powered and functioning during the boarding process at the airport of Roissy Charles de Gaulle.

It is recommended to passengers to keep their battery chargers in their cabin baggage. The charging of the equipment should be possible in the boarding lounge. This must be done no later than the end of the boarding of the flight.

In the case of control, if the device is discharged or defective, passenger will not be allowed to board on the flight with this equipment.  The passenger will be invited to return to the inspection filter and test the device. This may cause the delay of the flight.

  • Airline ticket prices will rise on July 21 - TSA security screening fees will more than double this month, and increases in other fees may follow.

On July 21, the Transportation Security Administration passenger screening fee -- also known as the Sept. 11 security fee -- will more than double to $5.60 per flight leg, with no cap.
The current fee is $2.50 per flight segment, with a $10 per-ticket cap.

The TSA increase will raise an additional $16.91 billion over the next decade. About 65 percent of the collected fees will fund security screenings. The remaining funds will go to the general fund.

Confirmed - Sept 11 Security Fee
Confirmed - Sept 11 Security Fee (AY) Increase
The AY fee Currently: USD2.50 per U.S. Embarkation, cap per ticket UISD10.00
Changes July 21 to:USD5.60 per U.S. Embarkation, no per ticket cap
Possible - Airport Facility Fee (XF) and Immigration Fee (XY) Tax Increases in the near future
XF Fee currently:USD4.50 per U.S. Embarkation
Rumored Increase:USD8.00 per U.S. Embarkation   
XY Fee currently USD7.00 per U.S. Disembarkation (from Int’l flight)
Rumored Increase:USD9.00 per U.S. Disembarkation (from Int’l flight)