Covid-19 Testing for Entry to French Polynesia

The High Commissioner of France has announced that as of Wednesday, February 3rd, the borders of French Polynesia are open to international travel only for the purpose of compelling reasons (health, professional, family, return home).

Visitors entering French Polynesia after that date must fill in an entry form and present it at the check-in counter upon departure confirming their purpose of travel, being health, professional, family, return home.


Please view this website of the High Commissioner to download the special documents for entry and further information for entry to French  Polynesia: Website of the High Commissioner.


In addition to the entry requirements below, for flights departing from February 3, 2021, all visitors will have to comply with a mandatory 14-day quarantine in a dedicated site at their expense. After 12 days of isolation, a test will be carried out and in the event of a negative result, discharge on the 14th day will be authorized.

All travelers (except Covid-19 testing, children 10 and under exempt) will be subject to the following mandatory conditions.

RT-PCR Covid-19 test is mandatory for all passengers 11 years of age or older. The test has to be a molecular SARS-CoV-2 genome detection for Covid-19 by Reverse Transcriptase-Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) performed by a qualified professional.

The document with the results of this test must clearly state:

  • A negative result
  • Test type being RT-PCR
  • Date test taken
  • Name of individual/passenger
  • The medical document must be issued by a Doctor, Hospital or Medical Clinic and must be presented to airline staff upon check-in prior to boarding the flight to French Polynesia.


Please note that Antigen, Antibody, Self Testing or Rapid Tests of any kind, including rapid RT-PCR tests such as the Abbott ID NOW are not accepted by the Health Authorities of French Polynesia and aircraft boarding will be denied.


These are normally performed via nasopharyngeal swab and they detect the genetic information of the virus, the RNA, and show a positive result only if the virus is present and someone is actively infected. RT-PCR tests are used to detect the presence of the body’s immune response. By detecting viral RNA, which will be present in the body before antibodies form or symptoms of the disease are present, these tests can tell whether or not someone has the virus very early on. RT-PCR tests have an extremely high degree of reliability.


Prior to bording:

  • Proof of a negative RT-PCR test (list of approved and non-approved tests) carried out within three days prior to their Air Tahiti Nui international air departure; Except for children 10 and under.
  • Present the receipt of the health registration on the platform (Electronic Travel Information System) ;


During the stay:

  • For flights departing from February 3, 2021, all visitors will have to comply with a mandatory 14-day quarantine in a dedicated site at their expense. After 12 days of isolation, a test will be carried out and in the event of a negative result, discharge on the 14th day will be authorized.



If you are in Southern California a RT-PCR nasal swab test may be obtained from several different providers including: at their drive thru location, open 9:00 AM-2:00 PM daily:

8713 Beverly Blvd.

West Hollywood, CA 90048


The cost for an expedited 24 hour turn-around time is $225 with insurance and $270 without insurance. When booking the test please use code “AT010” and indicate in the referral box, “Air Tahiti Nui”.  Please note that the test may not be taken earlier than three days prior to departure.

For Sunday departures, please test on Friday between 9:00 AM and 2:00 PM, for a Saturday afternoon result, or on Thursday for a Friday afternoon result.   

For Tuesday departures, test on Saturday, for a Monday result or on Monday for a Tuesday afternoon result. For Friday departures you may test on Tuesday, results on Wednesday, or Wednesday with results on Thursday, or Thursday with results on Friday afternoon.

In all cases it is recommended not to leave testing until the last possible moment and ATN does not guarantee the test result delivery. Note testing time is 9:00 AM-2:00 PM. 


Reliant Urgent Care at Lax Airport Area,

This location is open 24/7 : Telephone 310-215-6000

5901 West Century Blvd

Los Angeles, Ca 90042

The cost for Air Tahiti Nui passengers for a 48-hour test return is $149 and for a “Rush” 24 hour return is $195.


Please note that Air Tahiti Nui does not guarantee the timely delivery of the test result, which is the responsibility of the consumer and the medical provider. This test site is suggested and the consumer may use any alternate test site within the conditions of the testing RT-PCR nasal swab being performed within three days prior to their Air Tahiti Nui international departure.


For all other areas of the US, various test centers may be located using this web application. However - please insure that the test is a RT-PCR based test and note the time constraints:

It is recommended to contact your Physician or a local urgent care center who may also be able to recommend a RT-PCR testing site or perform the test themselves.

The entry requirements for French Polynesia stipulate that testing must be done no earlier than three prior to departure of the Air Tahiti Nui flight to Tahiti. It is strongly suggested that this test be conducted as soon as possible three days before departure, to ensure the test result prior to flight departure.

All passengers must present a medical certificate issued by the testing location showing a negative RT-PCR test upon check-in for their Air Tahiti Nui flight. Without this test documentation, the airline absolutely is not able to board any passenger. If a test result is positive, you may change your travel date without charge from Air Tahiti Nui. Please check with your connecting airline for their ticket conditions.

For further information on entry requirements please visit the Tahiti Tourisme website by clicking the following link:


For a list of all accepted RT-PCR tests by the Ministry of Health, French Polynesia, click here


It is the passengers responsibility to secure all necessary tests and to follow these guidelines for entry.