Tahiti, the Island of a Thousand Surprises

Tahiti is the largest island in French Polynesia but it is often overlooked. However, the island of Tahiti is full of treasures and offers a multitude of activities. From morning to evening, Tahiti will enchant you. Nature, sport, culture, gastronomy, shopping, and well-being, multiply the experiences on the largest island of French Polynesia.

Here are some suggestions for a five-day getaway to get off the beaten path and awaken your senses. And we promise, there will be something for everyone!

Day 1 - Get acquainted with the Island and its flavors 

The tour of the island of Tahiti is the perfect way to begin your Tahitian adventures! With a rental car or with a guide, take the time to discover its different landscapes. You can walk along the turquoise waters of the west coast lagoon, take a cultural break at the Museum of Tahiti before treating yourself to a swim at the white sand beach of PK18. Here, the lagoon overlooks the sister island, Moorea.

On the way back, take the east coast road, where the atmosphere is quite different. It is the wild coast of the island where you can appreciate the lush valleys and dense vegetation.

Make one last stop at the Venus Point, from where you can end your day admiring a magnificent sunset, feet in the water.


For the early birds, your Tahiti itinerary starts at the break of dawn, when the sky looks like a pastel painting. Extend your dreams by enjoying an authentic sunrise breakfast on the water, in the majestic setting and mountains of the Fenua Aihere.


Day 2 - Discover the many angles of the Island 


For those who love hiking, Tahiti is made for you! Beginners or sports enthusiasts, you will be spoiled. For first timers, it is highly recommended to be accompanied by a guide. Not only will they show you the natural beauty of the island, but they will also recount its legends. Forests, deep valleys, canyons, you will discover areas rooted in history and you will witness the life of the Polynesians of yesteryear thanks to the many archeological remains along the trails.


Have you ever flown over an island? This is the perfect opportunity and Tahiti offers a plethora of options:

- By helicopter with Tahiti Nui Helicopter. Embark on a 30 minute ride in the heart of the mountainous reliefs of the island, along its coastline or above its multicolored lagoon.

- For the more adventurous travelers, try paragliding. Imagine paradise seen from the sky, the feeling of gliding over turquoise lagoons, of soaring like a bird. It is highly recommended to be accompanied by a professional to discover the several flight sites, each one more beautiful than the other.

- For the even more adventurous travelers, try skydiving and enjoy the magnificent sky of Tahiti alongside professionals. More than two hours of strong and unique sensations guaranteed!

Day 3 - Discover the Sister Island, Moorea 

Getting to Moorea from Tahiti is very easy. Whether by plane in a few minutes or by ferry (1/2 hour) crossing the channel. A few dolphins play with the boats and you can even admire whales during the whale season.

Moorea is one of the best islands for swimming alongside sea turtles, stingrays, or reef sharks. You can either go scuba diving at various sites with the possibility of observing imposing lemon sharks or, you can simply snorkel, and you will not be disappointed by the magnificent coral reefs and tropical fish. 

Don't feel like swimming? We have a solution for you. Here is an activity very different from what you can experience elsewhere! Moorea is known for its huge pineapple fields, it is also nicknamed the "Pineapple Island". Rent a mountain bike or electric bike and go for a ride inside these fields. Paths are traced to facilitate your access and visit.

4×4 or quad are also options. Whichever means of transportation you pick, you will discover a unique landscape in Polynesia. On the way back, make sure to stop by the Rotui factory. The fresh pineapple juices they serve come from these plantations.


Day 4 - Sail Away! 


Tetiaroa is known to have been the property of Marlon Brando, who fell in love with it when filming "Mutinies on the Bounty" in the 1960s. The atoll, which includes several motus, is a corner of paradise very accessible from Tahiti by Catamaran.

After three to four hours of navigation, a paradisiacal atoll takes shape in front of you. To access the motu, you will disembark in a zodiac passing through the coral reef, a unique and rather adventurous experience. Once on the atoll, you will discover the old village and can enjoy snorkeling sessions in the lagoon or near the coral reef and the birds' island.



Learn to sail in the lagoon or off Tahiti on a Polynesian canoe. You will be able to familiarize yourself with the traditional methods of the mā'ohi ancestors, without electric or modern instruments on board. You will sail on the ocean to the rhythm of local legends. A great introduction to Polynesian culture and traditions!

Day 5 - Immerse Yourself in the Polynesian Culture

Far from being just a traditional folk dance, the ‘Ori Tahiti is at the very heart of Polynesian culture. Thus, a traditional dance show should be part of any visit to The Islands of Tahiti. Most hotels put on a show, sometimes with fire dancing as well, as part of a weekly ‘Polynesian’ evening. The advantage of these shows is their intimacy. You’ll be close enough to the dancers to appreciate their grace, as you sit back and sip a cocktail or two. 


The taurumi is a unique experience to live in its own right. More than just a classic massage, it is an ancestral Polynesian tradition, which is passed down from generation to generation. It affects both your physical and spiritual well-being. Yes, because you may not know it, but this massage will help you free yourself from the bad energies that are locked up deep inside you.