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5th annual International Tattoo Convention

March 30 - April 3, 2016 at the musée des îles in Punaauia

The POLYNESIA TATAU Convention is French Polynesia’s OFFICIAL tattoo festival organized by Polynesia Tatau. Tattooists created this annual cultural event for tattoo artists and the general public. There will be entertainment during the time of the festival, including concerts with local music artists, as well as traditional dance performances and tattoo demonstrations. Along with admiring each artist’s work, the public will be able to get tattooed on site.

Photo of a tattooed Tahitian face
Photo of a man with a Tahitian tattoo on the back

Event objectives

This event was created with the goal to promote, protect, and highlight all aspects of Polynesian tattooing.
In addition, its mission is to gather and unite French polynesian professional tattoo artists while providing assistance and support for their efforts.
This festival also serves to unite all tattooists in French polynesian as well as from Europe, Japan, the United States, and various regions of the Pacifi c, such as Samoa, New Zealand and Australia.
Tattoo fans will have plenty of choices during this convention. In fact, the different participating tattooists will each have a unique style: black and white, color, Japanese, tribal, realistic, Polynesian…

Zoom over previous years

2012 : The Event’s fi rst edition took place in the lobby of the city hall of Punaauia.
25 local artists were present with 2 500 attendees on record.

2013 : The hotel Radisson Resort Tahiti hosted the gathering.
There were 3,300 visitors and 35 local artists.

2014 : For the second time, the hotel Radisson Resort Tahiti opened it’s doors for the event.
There were 4,200 attendees, 40 local artists and 10 international artists.

2015 : This year, for the fi rst time, the events was held at the MUSÉE DES ÎLES IN PUNAAUIA.
The organizers recorded more than 5 000 entries. 40 local artists and 8 international artists.

Polynesia Tatau Participants

For this 5th edition, the Association of Polynesian Tattoo Artists (L’Association des Artistes Tatoueurs de Polynésie) is honored to announce the presence of some international artists :

Among the international artists :

  • Steve Peace (Calgary, Canada)
  • Taku Oshima
  • Max
  • Fran Munoz
  • Pat Morrow (Brisbane, Australia)


Photo of a man who travels to show his Tahitian tattoo
Photo of Tahitiens who walking on hot rocks

Schedule of additional activities

“Best of the Day” competitions will take place at the end of each day to recognize the most stunning creations. Only the tattoos created 100% on site will be eligible to compete in the following four categories: traditional
local, modern Polynesian, open international and tatau.
There will also be photo shoots to commemorate creations and tattoos.
Artisan booths will be open throughout the entire festival.

Download event full details here

Admission : Entrance to the convention is 500xfp ($5). Tickets available at the door only.
Contact : Raphael KETTERER -