Rangiroa | 5 island escape, by Travel Nation

3 week island hopping holiday to Moorea, Taha'a, Bora Bora and Rangiroa

This 19-day island-hopping holiday takes you off the beaten track; from Tahiti to Moorea, Bora Bora but further - to Taha’a and Rangiroa. Staying in small, Tahitian guesthouses, you’ll enjoy a wonderfully peaceful holiday amongst local people. Top it all off with a quick city break in LA on your way home!

Spend one night in Tahiti, before heading over to picturesque Moorea. You can cycle around Moorea in a few hours, so why not spend a day exploring the wild beaches or snorkel or dive with the rays? Next, you'll fly over to Raiatea, from where you'll cross the spectacular lagoon between Raiatea and her sister island - Taha’a – the fragrantly scented 'vanilla island'. Taha'a is steeped in Polynesian legend, so you can visit several 'marae' (sacred open-air ceremonial sites), the most famous of which is Taputapuatea.

From Taha'a, you'll take a short flight over to romantic Bora Bora for a three-night eco-lodge stay which offers you seclusion. Spend your time here admiring this beautiful island, soaking in the warm waters of the lagoon and swimming or snorkelling amongst shoals of colourful fish.

Your fifth and final island stay is on scenic Rangiroa - the largest atoll in French Polynesia, part of the Tuamotu archipelago. If you enjoy diving, some of the best sites in the world are accessible from Rangiroa, and snorkellers can expect sharks, manta rays, wrasses and turtles amongst other amazing marine life.

French Polynesia conjures up romance and escapism, natural beauty and a laid back lifestyle all in one lovely turquoise bundle. This holiday takes you further than the main hotspots to explore one of the most stunning corners of the world. Live like Robinson Crusoe and spend your days unwinding on the beach or swimming in the lagoons.

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