Moana Economy Class

Inspired by the Natural Beauty of Tahiti

Entering Moana Economy Class the first thing to notice is the color palette, one inspired by the natural beauty of Tahiti. Pillows that pop with the vivid hues and patterns of the island’s flowers and vegetation,

resting on variations of blue taken from lagoon, ocean and cloudless sky.

*Due to differences in aircraft configurations, some variations exist in cabin amenities.

Blue seats of the Economy class cabin of Air Tahiti Nui

A cabin configuration of two-four-two matches perfectly to the honeymooners and other couples that fly our routes,

but families or parties of any number will find it comfortable and accommodating.

woman seating in Air Tahiti Nui economy class and enjoying a movie on her personal screen

Cabin Features

Ergonomics were key in the selection of seats for Moana Economy Class. Our 264 seats are built with strong, lightweight materials to improve overall fuel efficiency without sacrificing support and comfort. Seats recline to a comfortable 118 degrees and a pitch of 32 inches, perfect when viewing your 9-inch high definition screen, loaded with a full assortment of recent release movies, TV shows, music, video games and much more.

For your personal electronics, each seat also has a USB power port. For kids whose screen time is up, an amenity kit with games is available.

*Due to differences in plane configurations, some variations exist in cabin amenities.

With alternating white and grays, the flight's cabin represents the natural mineral tone of the white sandy beaches and the iridescent quality of the black pearl – an integral part of the richness of Polynesia. While on board, you'll notice the white Tiare flower throughout the cabin, the symbol of our airline and flower of Tahiti.


The cushions, custom-designed for Air Tahiti Nui, are inspired by the Tahitian handcrafted "tifaifai" – meaning to mend or to patch. This technique of decorating fabrics by patchwork is found throughout French Polynesia's interiors. Colorful cushions in economy look like scattered exotic flowers, while the business class motif is that of green palms offering a clean, fresh feeling. Materials and designs in amenities are reminiscent of Polynesian arts, crafts and plant textures, such as the tapa (Polynesian bark cloth).

*Due to differences in aircraft configurations, some variations exist in cabin amenities.

A variety of meals are served in-flight, balancing both the Polynesian and French culinary influences with specialties for each of our destinations. For the wine lover with a sophisticated palate, an array of wine selections is available, particularly from the French and New World.

Have a food allergy or dietary restriction? Special meals can be prepared upon request when booking or at least 48 hours prior to departure. Simply state your request and choose from one of 11 different meal options to suit your dietary needs.

Picture of Moana Economy

Moana Economy

The two Moana Economy class cabins feature a total of 232 seats specially designed for long-haul travel by ZODIAC Aerospace. The Z300’s articulating seat pan makes it one of the best next generation long-range economy class seats available in the industry. The economy class seats are installed on a nine-abreast (3-3-3) configuration with a pitch of 31 inches offering a seat recline of 6 inches for improved comfort.

The onboard amenities include: a comfortable polar blanket, one confortable pillow and a complete kit of personal accessories.