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French Polynesia

Welcome to Paradise

Home to bungalows perched atop glowing and tranquil turquoise waters with views of majestic peaks of dark volcanic rock or seemingly endless stretches of pristine white sand beaches, French Polynesia is like nowhere else in the world.

These stunning islands are the ultimate choice of travelers seeking to get away from it all.

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The diversity of French Polynesia. With 118 individual islands and a history of visitors from faraway lands that never leave, diversity of people, cuisine, art, terrain, wildlife and language tell the story of French Polynesia.

Photo of the mountains of the islands of tahiti

Atolls and Volcanic islands

Five different groupings of 118 islands, or archipelagoes, make up French Polynesia. These include the Windward and Leeland Islands, encircled by coral reefs and lagoons, the Tuamotu Islands known as the atolls (or low islands), Marquesas Islands, the most rural of the inhabited islands, the Gambier Islands, now eroded from a former gigantic crater and finally the Austral Islands, the remains of ancient volcanoes. Tahiti is one of the safest places in the world, with no poisonous flora or fauna.

Interisland Transportation

International flights land on the main island of Tahiti. If your itinerary includes other islands, such as Bora Bora in the Society Islands, or Rangiroa in the Tuamotu Islands, you will need to book flights with Air Tahiti.

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Cruises provide another way to get from Tahiti to the other islands. For passage to Moorea, there is a ferry line with several daily legs from Tahiti.

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Explore your Options with our Reservation Specialists

It is best to consult with an Air Tahiti Nui reservation specialist, or your own travel professional for the exact options available to you for your trip.