air tahiti nui crew with masks

Air Tahiti Nui has established a partnership with the SYNLAB laboratory network to facilitate your travel.

To facilitate the COVID-19 RT-PCR testing required for entry into Polynesia, Air Tahiti Nui has established a partnership with the SYNLAB laboratory network. The lab directory is provided for information purposes only. Air Tahiti Nui disclaims all liability for the conditions and consequences of such testing. 

Passengers must follow the steps outlined below: :


STEP 1: Make an appointment as soon as possible at a SYNLAB location. The appointment date must be no earlier than 3 days before the departure date of your flight to Tahiti :

  • Access the website or click on SYNLAB
  • Choose the most convenient lab for you. Simply enter an address or postal code and a list of lab will appear on the screen.
  • Click the LEARN MORE box for the lab of your choice and its address and contact information will appear.
  • Call the lab to present your request. The receptionist will help you schedule an appointment for your COVID-19 RT-PCR test.
  • Make an appointment for a COVID-19 RT-PCR test at the lab location recommended by the receptionist as early as possible within the 3 days prior to your flight's departure by identifying yourself as an Air Tahiti Nui passenger (Code: Air Tahiti Nui).
  • You will need to present either a medical prescription or your Air Tahiti Nui ticket in order to get the COVID-19 RT-PCR test.
    This test has a fee, which is not paid by Air Tahiti Nui:
    • With a prescription, the fees will be handled according to the terms of your social security office
    • With your plane ticket, you will need to pay €75 for one person, €140 for a couple, and €60 per additional person within the same family. This fee includes €54 for the virological analysis as well as the necessary pre- and post-analysis documentation (collection of the patient's administrative data, collection of information required for proper analysis, verification of the conformity of biological samples, the taking of specimens, the necessary materials, and the post-analysis phase)

Consult this calendar before making your appointment, which must take place no earlier than 3 days before the flight's departure date: :


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Make an appointment on or after: Friday morning Saturday morning Monday morning Monday morning Tuesday morning Wednesday morning Thursday morning
Results* expected by:  Saturday morning Monday morning Tuesday morning Tuesday morning Wednesday morning Thursday morning Friday morning


*Upon validation of the test result by a medical biologist:

  • The result/certificate is sent to the traveler by text message and/or email (if the mobile phone number and/or email address is/are provided upon creation of the medical file) 
  • The result/certificate is available on the MySynlab results server. After the sample is taken, the passenger is given a login to access or create an account.


If the result is negative, Air Tahiti Nui will then confirm the travel authorization for Polynesia.
Please comply with physical distancing measures between your test date and your departure date to avoid exposure.

If the test result is positive, Air Tahiti Nui will not be able to allow you to fly. You will need to contact a doctor or hospital and follow the specified health guidelines. In that event, Air Tahiti Nui will send you a denied boarding statement, which allows you to obtain a refund or to postpone your trip without change fees. In order to travel to Polynesia again, you will need to take another COVID-19 RT-PCR test and get a negative result for COVID-19.