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Transporting Pets and Animals

The rules for pet transport vary depending on your departure country and destination.

Air Tahiti Nui accepts animals transported in cabin accompanied with their owners only: from Los Angeles to Paris / Paris to Los Angeles / Papeete to Los Angeles /  Papeete to Paris.

Acceptance conditions of animals in cabin

  • Only cats and dogs (for other animal, please contact our Cargo Service)
  • Weight lower or equal to 5 kg max.
  • Transported in an adequat container which can be accommodated under the seat (8 kg max all in all, by including the container) and the maximum dimensions of which are L40cm x l35cm x h20cm
  • 2 small-sized animals can be transported in the same container provided that there is enough place  to move freely and provided that the total weight is respected (8Kg).
  • Respect for the applicable sanitary and veterinary requirements in the countries of departure, transit and destination (certificates).

We strongly recommend that you provide us with information regarding weight, sanitary and veterinarian certificates at time of reservation and no later than 48 hours before departure. This will help us prepare for your pet transport in the best conditions. Be advised the number of pets accepted onboard is limited and subject to availability.

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Pet in cabin transportation fees

  • Los Angeles to Paris: USD150.00 one way.
  • Paris to Los Angeles: EUR150.00 one way.
  • Papeete to Los Angeles: XPF14,000 one way.
  • Papeete to Paris XPF24,000 one way

Important information

Your animal will have to stay in its container during all the flight and it until its arrival in the Terminal. Payment at the check in counter the applicable excess baggage charges based on the 3rd piece. For any dog and cat weighing more than 5 kg and for any category of pets, the transport in hold is compulsory. Please then contact Air Tahiti Nui Air Cargo service.

Animals not allowed

The following sorts cannot be transported on Air Tahiti Nui flight, even by freight: Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Mastiff, Tosa and Pitbull. This ban applies even to a dog crossed  with one of these races.