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The Tetiaroa Society: finding solutions for the preservation of the islands

The island of Tetiaroa is a treasure, for its biodiversity and for the history and culture connected to it. The Tetiaroa Society, partner of Air Tahiti Nui, was created with one goal: protecting its natural and cultural heritage. This large-scale project runs across several fields of action.

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In the first place, the scientific research is carried out on the island in an optimal way, in order to find solutions for the conservation of the environment. Tetiaroa is indeed the home of multiple kinds of animals (birds, marine animals, etc.) and vegetables. This scientific center is equipped with laboratories and structures welcoming specialists from all over the world. The conservation program is then an essential step to ensure the integrity of the biodiversity and cultural heritage of this exceptional island.

These initiatives are also the subject of guided tours that allow the public -the guests of the Brando Resort- to understand all the environmental issues for Tetiaroa and the other islands. This is essential to raise awareness around this huge subject which concerns us all: the preservation the islands and oceans all over the world.

The Tetiaroa Society has also set up an educational program: high school and university students are enabled to visit the island and learn more about atoll preservation, sustainable development and the island environment.

Air Tahiti Nui supports the association and its initiatives for the preservation of island and marine environment in order to act for the future of our islands. The company is happy to support the Tetiraroa Society in its various actions and facilitate research, awareness of the population, and protection of the culture and of the Polynesian environment.

Among the projects in progress, the Tetiaroa Society plans to launch the creation of a cultural center: an educational structure built as a village from the Tuamotu archipelago (Paumotu). This center will become a new place of ​​awareness. If you want to donate and contribute to these initiatives, you can help on the official website TetiaroaSociety.org.

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Pictures : Tumata Cowan