TOP 10 des activités incontournables à faire à Tahiti et ses îles

TEN essential things to do in the Islands of Tahiti

Air Tahiti Nui is the airline of choice for any trip to Polynesia. A trip to Tahiti and its islands offers you an unforgettable experience in a superb setting with a whole plethora of activities for you to indulge in. Air Tahiti Nui is here to help you from the beginning to the end of your trip. Discover with us the ten essential things to do in Tahiti and its islands.

Éveillez vos sens dans le marché de Papeete

A feast for your senses in Papeete market

The nerve centre and multicultural hub of Tahiti is Papeete market, the place where locals and tourists come together to enjoy the gastronomic pleasures of the stalls, each seemingly more colourful than the last.

At nightfall, the famous food vans of Tahiti light their stoves and set their tables. This is the time to get together with friends or family and share a typical, generous meal in a welcoming ambience. For immersion in the rich and warm culture of the Tahitians, try the famous specialities of ma'a tinito, raw fish, sashimi, tartares or roast pig.


Laissez-vous porter par la vague

Ride the crest of a wave

As well as some mythical waves like Teahupo'o, Taapuna or Mara'a, Tahiti is home to more than thirty surf spots suitable for all levels. The biggest waves are on the North coast during the winter season (May to November). The waves on the south coast are smaller the rest of the year.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, whether you want to try your hand at Stand-Up Paddle Boarding or Bodyboard, Tahiti is a paradise for all surfers. Don't forget to pack your equipment, it travels free with Air Tahiti Nui!

Goûtez une cuisine exotique

Sample the exotic cuisine

Tahitian cuisine is a subtle fusion between Western and Asian flavours. 95% of people asked are unaware of these eight foods: ‘uru, fe’i, taro, ufi, mahi mahi, po’e, poulet fafa and firi firi. They are, however, part of the staple diet of the Tahitian population. Are you one of the lucky 5% who has already had the privilege of trying these Polynesian specialities?

If not, this alone is good a enough reason to visit Tahiti with Air Tahiti Nui and discover Polynesian hospitality. But in the meantime, let us whet your appetite.

Dénichez les trésors de l’artisanat local

Unearth the treasures of local craftsmanship

Marquesan art is made up of decorative sculptures, such as Tiki statues, but also utilitarian objects, such as the umete (container), the penu (pestles), and the ana (coconut graters).

The black pearls of Tahiti, cultivated mainly in the Tuamotu and the Gambier, are one of the essential souvenirs to take home. They offer a palette of colours with "bluebottle", "aubergine", "azure green" and "champagne" reflections.

Plongez dans l’aquarium le plus riche du monde

Dive in the richest aquarium in the world

The richest biodiversity in the world. In all, more than 1000 species of fish inhabit the waters of Tahiti. The many diving schools on the island will be able to advise you and provide you with professional supervision.

Diving enthusiasts can take their own equipment. Air Tahiti Nui transports all your diving equipment for free!


Lâchez prise au cours d’un Taurumi

Let it all go with a Taurumi

Taurumi is a Polynesian massage that has its origins in traditional medicine. Based on actions and techniques passed down from generation to generation, this experience is known to relieve both physical and spiritual ailments.

This extremely relaxing massage is recognised worldwide for its many virtues (muscle relief, elimination of toxins and daily accumulation of stress). The professional healers, tahu'a, offer their services in most spas on the island.

Vivez une romance en bungalows sur pilotis

A romantic experience in a bungalow over the water

Wake up in a wooden suite above the turquoise waters of the Polynesian lagoons. A private pontoon gives you direct access to the ocean and offers you all the comforts of a top-of-the-range hotel.

Try the overwater bungalow experience. Most hotels in Tahiti and its islands offer luxury breaks in these fabulous dwellings. 

Évadez-vous en pleine nature

Nature escape

The origin of Tahiti is volcanic, and it has gradually adopted an abundant and luxuriant nature that will inspire adventurers in search of a return to basics. Explorers with the will to climb the island of Moorea, towering more than 1500 metres above sea level, will be rewarded with breathtaking views of the coral reef and crystal blue lagoons. The curious who venture into the Papenoo valley will discover the undergrowth has an invigorating freshness generated by its many caves and waterfalls. 

Donnez à votre peau le teint polynésien

Give your skin a Polynesian complexion

Polynesian cosmetic products are popular worldwide and are sold well beyond the borders of the Pacific. Monoi oil is the flagship product. This know-how derives from the maceration of tiare flowers in refined coconut oil, which you can find in most stores on the island in various forms (balm, cream, lotion, shampoo and soap).

Plan for your arrival and take advantage of duty free on board Air Tahiti Nui. We offer quality local products at the best prices. It's time to enjoy the beach!

Marchez sur les traces de l’histoire

Following the footsteps of history

Tahiti and its islands are home to many archaeological sites that allow us to trace the path back to the foundations of the Ma'ohi civilisation. The Taputapuatea marae, located on the island of Raiatea and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the most famous vestiges of this era.
To get a feeling of colonial history, go to Pointe de Vénus. This is where James Cook landed in the 18th century. This cape located north of the island offers an unobstructed view of the island of Moorea.

We hope you enjoy meeting the locals. Here are a selection of Tahitian phrases you can practise prior to your departure.

Hello 'Ia Ora na (ya-orah-nah)

Goodbye Nana (nah-nah)

Big Nui (new-ee)

Small Iti (ee-tee)

Island Motu (mo-too)

Welcome Maeva (mah-ay-vah)

Thank you Mauru’ uru (mah-roo-roo)

Thank you very much Mauru’ uru roa (mah-roo-roo ro-a)

Cheers! Manuia! (mah-new-yah)

Yes  ‘oia (oyah)

No ‘Aita (a-i-ta)

Husband, man Tane (ta-nay)

Wife, woman Vahine (va-hee-nay)